friendship detoxing…

Tomorrow begins the New Year and I’m reminded of a useful article I read a few years back that still sits with me today.  I’ve seen lots of posts lately on detoxing and cleansing (for the New Year) and I too have one up my sleeve that I’ll probably write about in a few days.  BUT for now – the post (attached here) focuses on the reassessment of friendships and figuring out if they are healthy or unhealthy for us to keep.  What to do with those damn toxic friends who continue to bring us down????   Do we need to detox and cleanse from them??  Some good advice from one of my favorite blogs

best friends

Be the change…

Since my recent trip to India I feel very connected to the country and after hearing about the most recent tragedy –  my heart is heavy.  If you don’t know what happened, you can find an article here.  I am reminded that although India is taking steps towards economic growth, progression, equality and human rights – women still face continued violence.  As American women we cannot take for granted our freedoms and although not a perfect system here, we are beyond fortunate to be where we are.  At the same time, let’s ensure we stay educated on world issues and do what we can to keep pushing the needle forward in whatever way we can.  One organization that I donate to is called Somaly Mam.  “The Somaly Mam Foundation (SMF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the eradication of sex slavery and the empowerment of its survivors, led by the vision and life’s work of Cambodian survivor Somaly Mam. Founded in 2007, the organization’s multilateral approach helps victims to escape their plight, empowers survivors as next-generation activists, and engages governments, corporations, and individuals in the fight.”  I learned about this cause in “Half the Sky” by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.  This book enlightened me on the oppression of women worldwide and how they are able to turn tragedy into opportunity.  It provides tons of information on varying organizations that could all use some of our support.  Even from way across the pond in America, we can make a difference.  As a small contribution to ensure that what happened in India ceases everywhere, let’s ALL get involved where we can.  ~ Namaste

change the world

be the change

resolve to resolve…

The new year is just upon us – a time when we all negotiate what our resolutions will be for the coming year.  Two things I’ve been working on lately are being my most authentic self and facilitating new projects/adventures when I feel the desire instead of waiting (due to fear, time, procrastination, work, the list is endless!!).  What are your resolutions?

be the best version of you if not now, then when

it’s beginning to look a lot like winter..

Although we’ve turned a corner on December 21st and the days are getting longer again, the bitter cold in New York is just upon us.  The end of the year usually kicks off Winter in the northeast (in full effect!) and the past few days have proven it to be true once again.  I don’t want to be greedy and say I need another vacation (we just got back from here at the end of November), but I do find myself dreaming about our recent honeymoon.  What’s so amazing about seeing beautiful places in the world is that when we actually leave them, they are still with us.  All I need to do is close my eyes and remember….

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