a friendly ghost

I don’t know the first thing about furniture design or architecture in the sort of expert way (yet!), but I know what I like and definitely do understand that I need a Philippe Starck Ghost Chair pronto presto.  The perfect blend of modern and delicate, whimsical and airy.  They go with everything, are compact, and give the illusion that they aren’t even there….kinda perfect for a Manhattan apartment, no?  I’m coveting one right now, but the wifey has put me on hold because the “seat height is not right for the desk”.  GRRRR.  FINE!  She does have a point….I mean, proper hand height while you’re typing at a keyboard is sort of important I guess.  We don’t want any Carpal -Tunnel syndrome over here.  But still – I’m having a small love affair with this chair and even though it may not work on a functional level,  sometimes you have to suffer to be beautiful – with me???  I will get this chair…I’m on a mission.  Maybe I’ll buy a new desk.  Some of my favorite set ups below.

ghost chair 1 ghost chair 2

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