in the closet – literally

Manhattan is a tricky place to keep your closet organized….mainly due to the lack of space.  And if you have a partner and are co-habitating, it definitely increases the crowded factor in regard to room.
I dream of a day (this most likely won’t happen ever because we will always be NYC inhabitants) when I have a huge walk-in closet, designed and decorated exactly the way I love, where I can see my ENTIRE collection at once.
For me – the Type A fashion junkie, my morning routine of putting together my look is a challenge.  I have worked through some techniques….scanning my brain, thinking about what pairs well, studying magazines, catalogs and the internet for inspiration.  In the end, I usually am able to whip something together.  But it’s not ideal.  I think about how many more creative interpretations I could come up with if I could JUST SEE MY ENTIRE WARDROBE AT ONCE!!!
And the worst part……drum roll if you will……my wife makes me throw something out when I get something new.  “We can’t keep accumulating” she says.   “We don’t’ have any more space…It’s too cluttered…I have no more room!”
OK…I get it.  But how to find a solution for a fashion crazed/shopaholic/Type A queen of excess in a small little Manhattan space???  A few tips below along with shots of my favorite finds (and a few of my own closet too).  Would love to hear some of your techniques.  Share away!

  1. When storing shoes, place the left and right one in opposite directions.  It takes up less space.  In researching for this blog post, I found out that Jenna Lyon’s does the same thing (see below image)!   She is by far one of my fashion industry idols so this small thing we have in common makes me wildly happy.
  2. A shoe rack is SO perfect for a NYC apt.  Not only do they look cute and leave your most often worn shoes by the door, but they give you some extra room in your actual closet.
  3. Store items that you will 100% not need for the current season in the harder to reach spaces and swap out seasonally.
  4. Organize clothes by color AND classification.  I organize as such: trousers, denim, woven tops (pullover), woven tops (button down), blazers, long sleeve knits, tanks, skirts, short dresses and long dresses.  Swim, undergarments, sweatshirts, sweatpants and socks go in my dresser.   And I don’t wear shorts so no designated area for those.
  5. Find a place where you can see all of your accessories.  I’ve yet to tackle the creative solutions that others have pioneered (like putting nails in the wall to hang necklaces), but I keep everything out on a table top to easily pull during the morning hustle.
  6. Continue to re-evaluate what you really wear vs. what you are holding onto because of nostalgia.  Although we tend to get emotionally attached to our clothes, remember that if you donate them…..they will still live on.  Most likely with someone who needs them more than you.
  7. Stick to what you know works for you!  It’s fun to buy an occasional out of the norm item, but let’s be real – we rarely wear it.  Stay within reason, find your ‘uniform’ and work within those boundaries – pushing them where necessary.   That vintage wrap skirt that I bought in a flea market in 2003 needs to go.  I’m just not THAT girl and that is OK.   I’ll leave it for the hipster, retro chick in Williamsburg.  She’s gonna look WAY cuter in it.  Get rid of the things that aren’t true to you.  You know what they are… just DO IT!  You’re at your most beautiful when you’re just being yourself.  And you will feel that too!

Jenna Lyon's closet

My shoe rack

Nanette Lepore's closet

My dressy wovens and knits

Khloe Kardashian's closet

My Jewelery

My accessories

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