finding you…

In the search to discover myself I take many different paths and make countless choices. On this voyage, I detour endless times and have to back peddle and try different directions. In the end though – I would rather attempt and “fail” then stay idle with no growth. Even if the growth comes from the experience itself rather than the tangible outcome. The “failures” become my successes. All of the trials and tribulations that I encounter shape me and continue to help me hone in on who I am really am at my center….what makes me happy and fulfilled, what provides me purpose and satisfaction, nourishment, love….what continues to feed my soul. Remember to take a leap (even just a baby step)…..and remember that nothing you do is finite. There will always be another way, another road to embark on, another option ahead. It will never not be scary and there will always be people that try and keep you back. They tend to be the ones that are afraid to move forward themselves. You will be better for having tried and will most definitely be more complete because of the journey.

finding you

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