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Hello friends!  I want to thank you for your support and encouragement while developing this site.  It means the world to have you by my side and I look forward to the continued building of our community.  I hope you have enjoyed this journey so far and I encourage you to stay on board to be part of the ride.  Like all things, ‘soul style’ will continue to evolve so I thank you in advance for your patience.  One recent change is the site name – you can now find me at

Also stay tuned for ‘project soul style‘ which will launch in the coming weeks.  You can find information on the ‘project soul style’ tab on the home page.   Keep checking back and stay tuned!

Now as promised, the ‘soul style’ philosophy.

The ‘soul style’ movement is about self-expression through the vehicle of style.  From the beginning of time dress has symbolized culture, social grouping, profession, power, socioeconomic status, etc.  Indian women pierce their nose signifying beauty and marriage and the sari (both print and color) represents different meanings and implications.  Religious Jewish women cover their heads with a sheitel for modesty and in Japan the kimono is still prevalent despite westernization.  One could argue that these ladies have it easy – the homogeneous nature of their culture facilitating predetermined style choices.  Traditions prevail and choices are limited.  But what happens when you’re not part of a culture that lays it all out for you?  When you’re thrown into the fashion abyss and can choose anything with no rules or regulations – no boundaries and no parameters around how to define yourself?  How do you create your ‘soul style’?

The most important thing to remember when developing your sense of style is that you are only at your best when you are truly being yourself.  Looking at others and expecting to feel satisfied while copying them will eventually prove to be unsuccessful (*disclaimer – to copy and be inspired by are not the same thing).  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn something after seeing it on someone else (or in a magazine) and wound up feeling completely out-of-place all day.  Has this ever happened to you?  You just feel off?  I’ve realized that not everything is going to connect even if it looks fabulous on the gal standing to my right.  It needs to be and feel like me!  ‘Soul style’ is about finding your own rhythm and determining what works best for you and only you.  Like the women of India and Japan you can also engage in traditions, but the best part about yours are that you can be the creator of them.

Join me on this journey and I will give you the tools to help you get there.

Personal style silently defines us which is why at soul style my goal is to make sure that you are shining through

xx – Jenny

**I dedicate this movement to my wife who creates the space to let me be who I am every day**

fashion: the ying and yang of it


All throughout fashion week there are tons of ‘street style’ photographs infiltrating the interweb – editors, fashion bloggers, designers, socialites galore dripping in stellar outfits. Because I approach style from a wearable perspective – I enjoy these more than the looks that traipsed down the runway. Not that I don’t have an appreciation for a good fashion show (I totally do!) – but am more interested in style that I can relate to which occurs more frequently on the street than on the runway. One of the most prominent styling techniques ‘on the street’ is the ‘draping of the coat over shoulder’.  Even in the snowstorm and brisk cold at NYFW – there was no denying fashion trumped function. Me, sometimes, mostly unpractical about my outfit choices (I wear pointy toe heels in 25 degree weather and a 3/4 sleeve cocoon coat in park city, utah), loved it!  The ying side of me (controlled, pragmatic, predictable) thinks this is a ridiculous styling nuance – likely annoying, pointless and counterproductive to wearing a coat, but the yang of me (illogical, unrealistic, anarchist) is winning the tug of war and will most certainly triumph the fight. You will see me with a coat on my shoulders sometime soon. Haters don’t hate.




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look of the week: summer lovin’

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There is something about this look that’s so incredibly perfect.  The white top eludes a feeling of walking on air, denim cut off shorts perfectly broken in, flats worn from day into night because they are practical, yet chic.  I imagine wearing this on a warm summer day while shopping a flea market, then going straight to an early dinner (dining al fresco of course) to enjoy a margarita and watch the sun go down with my nearest and dearest – all while chatting about life and love.  Early to bed and hopefully a beach day to follow.  Oh summer – where art thou?  Similar here.

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  1. Vince silk shirt, $235,
  2. Rag & Bone The Cut Off Short, $154,
  3. Warby Parker Edgeworth sunglasses, $145,
  4. Shashi Gigi Bracelet, $27,
  5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Top Handle Bag, $548,
  6. Rachel Zoe Gladys Metallic Leather Sandals, $235,

i’m loving…

Baseball caps – a serious trend hitting the streets.  I’m looking for a cheap one because I know this is going to last 10 seconds.  Keep you posted.  *photo credit*




If you’re like me, sometimes you need a little reminder that achievement comes with hard work.  Although I’d like someone to hand over opportunity on a silver platter (yes, I said it!) – rewarding output comes from the work you put in.  You get what you give so if you want it – give it your all.  *photo credit*


Beyonce’s “Life is But a Dream” documentary on HBO is killer.  I cried, was inspired, felt understood, related to and was entertained all at once.  She is a beaut – from her core.  Check it out. *photo credit*


Leather sweatpants are genius – I’m coveting them this week and once I find the most ideal pair, I will certainly let you know.  Leather ain’t going nowhere next fall.  Stay tuned.   *photo credit*



Happy Wednesday!

trend alert: black and white

Black and white is a ‘must have’ color combination for spring and I found the perfect dress from Zara that could be worn from desk to dinner to weekend – the versatility is endless!  The best part is the price which is a mere $49!  I’d rock it like this…

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 10.36.56 AM
  1. Zara Striped Dress, $49,
  2. Topshop Moto Sleeveless Denim Jacket, $70,
  3. Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural N45 Lipstick, $19,
  4. J.Crew Collection Etta Calf Hair Pumps, $350,
  5. Ray Ban Large Metal Aviator Sunglasses, $155,
  6. See by Chloe Logo Bangle Set, $70,
  7. Topshop Pushlock Crossbody Bag, $70,