channeling jenna…

I tend to channel Jenna Lyon’s most days being that she is one of my style icons and I look to her for constant inspiration.  I kind of live for her and my obsession keeps growing (no judgements please!).  It’s not only that I envy her fashion sensibility, but consider her a brilliant business woman, extremely down to earth, courageous, humble and authentic – all qualities I put as priorities for myself.  She is just the best!

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 10.49.00 AM*jenna lyons – photos from pinterest

We actually have a lot in common (insert giant happy face here)!!!

  1. She has a GF, I have a wife
  2. She is Jenn-A, I am Jenn-Y
  3. She works in retail fashion, I work in retail fashion.
  4. She is tall, I am tall.
  5. She wears red lipstick, I wear red lipstick
  6. She dresses high and low, I dress high and low (ex: expensive top w/affordable jeans)
  7. She loves denim, I love denim
  8. She rocks pointy toe heels, I rock pointy toe heels
  9. She wears glasses, I wear glasses
  10. She loves clutches, I love clutches

My version (get the look here):

jenny - jennathe overview

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 3.54.36 PMthe details: shoes: j.crew, bag: cole haan, bracelets: gift from sister, bombay electric (india), abc carpet & home, j.crew, vintage

Jenny Outfitthe outfit: shirt: j.crew, sweater: massimo dutti, jeans: gap

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