fashion: the ying and yang of it


All throughout fashion week there are tons of ‘street style’ photographs infiltrating the interweb – editors, fashion bloggers, designers, socialites galore dripping in stellar outfits. Because I approach style from a wearable perspective – I enjoy these more than the looks that traipsed down the runway. Not that I don’t have an appreciation for a good fashion show (I totally do!) – but am more interested in style that I can relate to which occurs more frequently on the street than on the runway. One of the most prominent styling techniques ‘on the street’ is the ‘draping of the coat over shoulder’.  Even in the snowstorm and brisk cold at NYFW – there was no denying fashion trumped function. Me, sometimes, mostly unpractical about my outfit choices (I wear pointy toe heels in 25 degree weather and a 3/4 sleeve cocoon coat in park city, utah), loved it!  The ying side of me (controlled, pragmatic, predictable) thinks this is a ridiculous styling nuance – likely annoying, pointless and counterproductive to wearing a coat, but the yang of me (illogical, unrealistic, anarchist) is winning the tug of war and will most certainly triumph the fight. You will see me with a coat on my shoulders sometime soon. Haters don’t hate.







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4 Responses to “fashion: the ying and yang of it”

  1. Diane  / 

    LOVE all of them…

  2. phyllis  / 

    your mother says you better button up!!! and wear boots!

  3. greenjeans79  / 

    agreed Diane! perfect topper to any outfit.