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Have you seen Dove’s new “social experiment” video?  If not, I think it’s worth checking out and I’d really like to hear your feedback.  I have my own opinion which I’ll explain in a minute.  Click here first to view it.  There is a lot of controversy, the most popular a review written by Jazz Brice which you can find on her tumbler site, “little drops” found here, but before clicking the review I urge you to watch the campaign first.  I did the reverse so I’m advising otherwise.   Then let’s discuss.

So now that you’ve watched (don’t read on unless you have), these are my thoughts:

Although I understand Jazz’s commentary about Dove’s “social experiment”, I also have a profound appreciation for it; the message, that is.  It is easy to pick apart a progressive and original approach to cultural messaging, but in doing so we lose the actual intention of the message!  I won’t say the “social experiment” doesn’t have flaws and that there isn’t some validity to her review, however in order to evolve and move forward it takes courageous corporations like Dove to make the attempt.  Being a pioneer is certainly not fool proof!  From my perspective what they have done is raise an awareness to an ongoing societal issue that needs to be addressed.  Women do have magnified self-esteem issues in this country and it’s about time we got to talking about it in a bigger way.  We can all psycho-analyze this advertising and marketing campaign (and I am the queen of psychoanalyzing, trust me), but why should we expend our energy on that part of the project?  How about taking away the larger message at hand which is about embracing and recognizing your individual beauty.  It is not Dove’s job to teach us how to get there – it is their job to bring the subject into light – and with that, I think they’ve done a stellar job!  I’d rather be part of the movement that takes the risk than the person who stands back and judges the attempt. 

What do you think about the experiment?  I really want to hear your thoughts so don’t be shy.  Share away!!!

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4 Responses to “dove’s “social experiment””

  1. Wendy  / 

    Well ..there was a Dove photo ad that was getting a lot of controversy concerning Africa amercian women being the dark tone. which by the way i would love to see how dark skinned individual are descibe by fair skinned while listening to a africa amercian individual share how they descibe themself or others. Visual and mind manipulation definitely a strong marketing tool.

  2. Jenny  / 

    thanks so much for your feedback Wendy. I really appreciate you taking the time. So do you think the Dove experiment was effective or was not diverse enough and unfairly edited?

  3. Wendy  / 

    The message was very clear and heartfelt but,Yes! Definitely not enough Diversity. ….Why should I use dove again?..lo sadly to say they should of tap all the way in not just the surface because that the true experiment.

  4. Aunt r  / 

    There certainly does seem to be quite a bit of chatter about the Dove “experiment”. The subject made one of this mornings news shows , the experiment didn’t go as well as the commercial, and surprise!….. there are a bunch of parody commercials floating around the internet, featuring men, with a reverse take . They think they are better looking than the strangers who describe them…. Comical ,huh? Or is it … Do men really have a better sense of self than women?