gettin’ skirt’y


Hello and happy Monday!  Last week I happened upon this zara origami skirt on a shopping expedition for a friend.  I tried very hard to stay the course and shop through the lens of “what would so and so like”, but this little number was eye’ing me from the center aisle hang bar and I couldn’t resist.  Like a seductress woman giving a man across the bar that convincing wink – I was reeled in.  I’m not a big skirt person but in my quest to continuously think (and dress) outside the box – I thought, ‘what the heck”.  As much as I feel it’s important to stay ‘comfortable’ in self expression – this is relative.  I also believe it is critical to stretch beyond our comfort zone (and I mean that in more ways than just fashion).  We should always consider the opportunity for growth and newness.  I didn’t try on the skirt – I was shopping during the 5pm rush hour and the dressing room line was already twenty deep.  I seriously could have spent hours upon end there though – the new zara concept stores are enormous and oozing with trend right, fashion goodies – all for extremely competitive prices.  Note to New Yorkers: check out the 34th street and 52nd and 5th locations!  So back to the skirt – I didn’t want to wait on the long line so added it to my pile of items and figured I could always return.  Well – no return necessary my friends.  This skirt fits like a glove and is just all over perfect!  Did I mention it cost $79.90?!?  And if you’re not digging this print, zara also offers similar here and here.  I will be wearing this skirt endlessly – most likely as such…

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 10.28.20 AM
  1. Zara jacquard sarong skirt, $79.90,
  2. J.Crew selvedge chambray shirt, $98,
  3. Aquazzura cutout booties, $465,
  4. J.Crew chevron bracelet, $78,
  5. Makeup Forever rouge artist natural n45, $19,

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8 Responses to “gettin’ skirt’y”

  1. Jenny  / 

    Hi simplelifeandstyle! You should definitely get it, it’s such a great piece. Would love to see how you work it too! Post on instagram and tag #yoursoulstyle!

  2. Jenny  / 

    Hi Sarmistha! Thanks for your comment. The skirt is so pretty and fits perfectly. Once I wear it, I’ll post it on instagram so you can check it out. Come and follow me there for more inspiring outfits! I checked out your blog – it’s great! Do you live in India? Where about? I was just there in November for the first time. I’m ready to go back – I LOVED it!

  3. Sarmistha Goswami  / 

    I will definitely check out your instagram. I am so glad you like my blog. Do visit again :)
    Yes I live in India. Presently in the North Eastern state called Assam. When you come again do visit this part if you haven’t already. You will love it all the more :)

  4. Simplelifeandstyle  / 

    Thanks Jenny i’ll do it. I’m just started to follow your blog hope you’ll like mine.

  5. Jenny  / 

    i will certainly keep checking! have you heard of the bombay electric? it is in mumbai and we fell in love! i wish that store was here in nyc. my style is very inspired by india. we went to mumbai, jaipur, udaipur, shahpura and agra. lay over in bangalore on the way home. :)

  6. Sarmistha Goswami  / 

    Yes I have heard of Bombay Electric. Their collection is super cool, though I haven’t got an opportunity to visit the store. You have visited some of the best places in India. Jaipur is one of my favorite city :) And I actually studied in Bangalore and lived there for almost 8 years. Bangalore is like my second home in India.
    Next time you visit India try to add Assam to your itinerary. You are going to love this place for sure :)