color war


As a New Yorker it’s easy to fall into the pattern of wearing black. It goes with the territory of living here and has inherently become part of the fashion culture. Continued to be inspired by my trip to Maui – I’ve recognized that it’s time to start incorporating color into my wardrobe – the island was full of it. As I browsed through my closet after getting dressed post beach the last thing I wanted to do was wear something dark. I was looking for bold prints and patterns, hot pink and do I dare say neon yellow? Cheery colors that excited me after a day of basking in the sunshine and staring into the crystal blue sea. Luckily I had a few island friendly items but now that I’m back in New York – how do I continue to stay colorful in the urban jungle? With summer around the corner – I’ve pulled a few city savvy looks that are both street appropriate yet cover many areas on the color spectrum. The color war is on!

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photos: the locals, lee oliveira, it’s in the details, sterling style, harpers bazaar, tommy ton, helmut fricke

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  1. Jenny  / 

    Thanks Sarmistha! Colorful like India? :) NYC needs more of that!