happy 100th!


Today marks Your Soul Style’s 100th post so I think it’s cause for a celebration!  Before beginning this blog I wasn’t sure how it would all go down.  I was hesitant to start since my follow through hasn’t always been on point.  I chalk this up to living a life of trial and error (and through that, learning what works for me).  I figure “tis better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all”.   We only know what we know, and are what we are based on the experiences that shape us.  The pursuit of Your Soul Style however came with a purity that I had yet to experience.  It was as if all of the work I had done in my life both personally and professionally was leading up to this moment – let’s call it the perfect storm.  Your Soul Style was organically born out of a combined passion for personal style, fashion, and mental health.  I’m a firm believer that we are at our best when we feel our best and one can achieve this through embracing uniqueness and individuality.  Empowerment can happen when we connect with ourselves at the core and that beauty and strength is facilitated through our self expression.  I want these messages to be conveyed through this platform because my underlying goal is to motivate you to find your own rhythm.  I hope you have enjoyed the ride so far.

I am so grateful for all of the love and support I’ve had while on this journey.  Thank you to my friends and family for standing by me.  It means the world.  A special thank you to my beloved wife, whom without this would never have been possible.  Not only did she wholeheartedly stand behind me when I decided to leave my “9-5″ traditional corporate job, but her patience while navigating through these first 6 months has been unwavering.  I’d be lying if I said Your Soul Style isn’t all-consuming and Dina like the rock that she is – stays steady while my head is buried deep in research and writing.  I’ve been learning to create a better work/life balance and we’ve had our fair share of conversations about that – but I’ll never forget this time.  It takes a very strong and special partner to be able to step aside and allow you to spread your wings – I’m forever grateful to my wife.

Like all important projects – the work is constantly in progress and evolving.  My ultimate goal is to create a place where you can visit, feel related to and walk away feeling inspired.  For all the women that have influenced me in my life, this is my opportunity to pay it forward.  There is no greater joy than seeing someone live up to their potential.  It is here where we thrive, find balance and true fulfillment.

I look forward to continuing this journey with you – sharing and growing along the way.  And I hope to give you the courage to always embrace Your Soul Style.

xx jenny

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7 Responses to “happy 100th!”

  1. 4mysff  / 

    I have come to look forward to your posts …yes for inspiration and to try and keep current and sometimes for validation. So please keep up this wonderful new exploration your on so I can live vicariously through you

  2. Laura  / 

    Happy 100 th! We can drink to it , tomorrow. Hugs, Laura

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  3. Jenny  / 

    thank you so much @4mysff – i appreciate all of your support and am thrilled to inspire – that’s what this is all about.

  4. Jenny  / 

    thanks laura…can’t wait to see you tomorrow! xx

  5. Mika  / 

    Beautiful post. Beautiful person. Always inspirational…

  6. Jenny  / 

    @mika – i learn from the best.. love you best friend….

  7. Irwin Resnick  / 

    Wow !!! … I have never read any of your blogs in the past, but being a friend of the family for years when I saw Mom’s post on FB about your 100th writing, I had and found the time to read it. You express yourself beautifully, and I am very impressed with the young woman you are. I want to wish you much Happiness, Love and Success going forward …
    Hugs N’ Kisses … Irwin R