spanish gold

zara-home-hotel-collection-1hotel_1-1 Zara-Home-Hotel-Collection-bathroom-towelsZARA-Home-The-Hotel-Collection-0002zara home - breakfastHola!  I don’t normally post on home design but was thinking of adding it to the mix – especially since stumbling on this!   Zara has a home line – what?  Am I the last to know?  Just like zara apparel, the merchandise is current, has mass appeal and is affordable!   Offering everything from bedding to flatware to lighting, with free shipping and returns – this is one to add to the list!  For all you mum’s and pa’s out there, they even have zara home exclusively for kids too!  Although there are no retail stores in the states (yet), you can purchase directly from their website which launched here in October of 2012.  Oh spain, how I heart you so.  Check it out here and a few items I’m coveting…

zara home picks

  1. Velvet pillow, $16.90
  2. Blue wine glass, $6.90 each
  3. Engraved flatware, price ranges per utensil
  4. Asarta stool, $89.90
  5. Fringed jacquard throw, $159, sale $79.90
  6. Arabian style lantern, $89.90
  7. Mother of pearl and zinc coasters, $35.90 for set of 4
  8. Resin vase, $16.90

Personal style doesn’t only begin and end with your wardrobe, so how do you feel about Your Soul Style home posts?  Any/all feedback welcome!  In the meantime, follow me here for some more home inspiration.

photos via zara home: hotel collection

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  1. corrieq9  / 

    i cant even explain my excitment…especially a kids department! amaz! this is why your blogs is a critical part of my morning commute