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Hello and happy Tuesday!  Dina and I recently had a conversation about office attire while I was researching for this and this post.  I teased about how her personal and work style don’t have much crossover – for work she’s way preppy while during play time maintains a streetstyle, urban and surf-inspired vibe.  The latter is her preferred aesthetic, but how can she infuse her work-wear without looking too casual?  How to create a not-so-serious look while still needing to be taken seriously?  As her wife and a wardrobe stylist, she challenged me to come up with some options and after some research I’ve landed on surf chic – a relaxed and beachy approach to polished styling.  I’ve been pinteresting inspiration here and Jenna Lyons gets the spotlight since she’s the queen of mixing unlikely pieces and effortlessly making it work.  Who says you can’t wear these with a suit?  Her top is cut way low for the office, but swap it out for a lightweight sweater like this one and voila – you’ve got your corporate surfer chick sensibility, appropriate for any conference room.  Fashion is a vehicle of expression so why shelf parts of yourself Monday-Friday?  There are creative ways to spin your personal style into your office wear while still maintaining ‘dress code’.

Give it a shot – I dare you!  Take something unlikely and work it into something more traditional.  If you need any help getting there, you know where to find me and in the meantime join me here for some more inspiration.  xx jenny

photo via who what wear

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