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a6f35c67944dddf1da32b4e445d45ecf-1Hello and happy Friday!  A friend of mine recently sent me an article that was posted on, a website dedicated to “the mindful life”.  Rachel Brathen aka @yoga_girl, the author behind the piece, introduced thought provoking questions in the context of self love, body image and expectations women feel from society to be “perfect”.  These are hot button issues but it’s not frequent we see someone like Rachel brave (and humble) enough to publicly discuss the experience through the daily struggles of them.  Rachel explains how in today’s society we can create an ideal image via social media channels like instagram.  She says, “I could post photos of myself eating cheese while lying in bed last night watching old episodes of How I Met Your Mother (yep) or of how oily my skin gets when I’ve had too many beers the night before (yep) or the stretch marks I have on my upper thighs (yep).  Or any of the million things that are not, in any way, “perfect” about the way I look.  But I choose not to.”  It is easy to self edit and decide which angle, lighting, perfect hair moment we hit the share button for, but this creates a perception and not a reality.  Most women are not at their best at every given moment on any given day.  Not even a world renowned yoga teacher.

I am guilty too.  As a newbie fashion blogger and stylist, I am putting myself out there more than ever before.  Admittingly I filter most pictures that go up on my instagram, pinterest, facebook feeds to ensure that what’s being posted are images where I look my best.  I keep back the snap my wife takes of me lying on the couch, makeup-less in my favorite (un-sexy) sweatpants.  The lens I’m giving you is one dimensional, but my life is anything but.  Like you, I am a real person who has pain, times of weakness and days where it’s just not coming together.  I have morning outfit tantrums, awful break outs around my jawline and probably ask my wife way too often “do you think i gained weight?”.  Guilty as charged!  These moments exist and I want you to know that I wear them proudly even if you can’t see them.

There is no perfect life, no perfect body, no perfect woman.  We are complicated and dynamic and can never attain the unattainable.  Let us embrace all facets of ourselves today: the good, the bad and the ugly.  It is all of these that make us whole, full of depth and soul.  It is these, which make us beautiful.

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Have a wonderful weekend.  xx jenny

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