furry fashion

7fc7dcf855712b2df9033ccc1a9fb596 7313c3225f48eb6404e8daf77192a2eb 11d0a6aeb430bc8d036cfed8ee9f4b66 41261cf260e861b92ce9a7f81c151b58 fd4f57c2685141f9733b5f7bd2a6e2a7I just perused my own pinterest and recognized that fur (or faux fur) is thematic on my style boards.  I thus took a visit into my closet and got reacquainted with a fur vest I’ve had for a gazillion years.  I’m thrilled that it’s stood the test of time and lasted this long, especially since I bought in a liquidation store for $50.  Season after season I find new ways of styling this piece – last years version looking like this and this.  Certainly kept me warm and toasty on those frigid NYC days.  Wonder what I’ll do this time around?  Here’s a few edits, if you too are looking for a furry fashion friend this winter.

furry fashion friend1. Topshop, $130, topshop.com // 2. H&M, $39.95, hm.com // 3. H&M, $29.95, hm.com // 4. Topshop, $178, topshop.com

images via laetitia et son dressing, they all hate us, bazaar

j.crew fall sale

jcrewPsst.  Guess what?  J.Crew is having an additional 30% off fall sale merchandise, starting today through October 20th using the code FALLSALE at checkout.  Remember those items you were coveting, but didn’t buy?  Now’s your time!   I’ve got my eye on a few things and promotions like these are opportune for stocking up on past season staples like a classic pair of denim shorts.  Here’s a peek into my shopping cart.  What’s in yours?  Happy shopping! xx jenny


1. Collection cotton cashmere sweater, $228 // 2. Classic medium bangle, $16.99 // 3. Goldsign for J.Crew pencil skirt, $158 // 4. Embroidered jewel earrings, $79.99 // 5. Denim short, $55 // 6. Quinn ankle cuff pumps, $199.99

be a visionary

7559a59d4fd8a8f842eacde9695e96afThis week pinterest was chock full of inspiration for my future home (and fantasy vacation home!).  Dina and I live in a NYC apartment that we adore, but it’s getting tight and soon we’ll need to find something bigger.  We are fortunate though since our space is strategically designed, utilizing every square inch (our fridge/freezer are drawers!).  The previous owners were an architect and interior designer.  We got very lucky.  As much as we’d like to stay, the time is coming that we’ll need to pack up and out.  I love our current decor, but it’s exciting to plan how we’ll style the next space!  I always think each new apartment will change from a design perspective but up until this point, consistency prevails.  Creature of habit, I suppose.  For our next move we’ve discussed mid-century modern, complimented with natural elements such as distressed wood and greenery.  And a little boho, of course!  Pinterest is an excellent resource for collecting ideas to create your vision board.  I recommend taking time to explore it.  Whether it be for home decor, fashion, wedding design, recipes, etc., images are contained to one space for reference.  I recently referred my client to the site so he could visually articulate the menswear styling that inspired him.  He’s now a converted pinner!  Here’s a few rooms I’ve found to help bring our vision to life and you can follow me here for much more!

Have a great weekend!  xx jenny

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images via dust jacket, lovely life, creamy life, the brick house

“throw a scarf on it”

final photoIn a Portlandia episode spoofing me – we’d be “throwing a scarf on it” rather than “putting a bird on it” (this is a must view!).  Everyone’s got their thing and scarves are mine.  Most days if you don’t see it draped around my neck – you’ll find one in my handbag ready to pull out at a moment’s notice.  They’re one of my all time favorite accessories and with the recent hint of cooler temperatures, I can barely contain my excitement.  Cozier fabrics, rich colors and fresh prints are on the horizon.  In the photo above I wear a 70’s vintage hand-me-down via mama Greenstein, but I recently scooped up this one from Zara as a trendy alternative.  Scarves fulfill both fashion and function objectives adding personality to your overall look while keeping you warm and toasty.  If you live in warmer climate, opt for light fabrics like cotton or silk.  I’m sure you already have one (or many!) from last season, but in case you need a refresher…

put a scarf on it

1. Zara, $35.90, zara.com // 2. Maxmara Studio, $250, matchesfashion.com // 3. Pendleton, Portland Collection, $118, shopbop.com // 4. Zara, $35.90, zara.com // 5. Aritzia, $60, aritzia.com // 6. Topshop, $36, topshop.com

style, naturally

DSC_0450 - Version 2Inspired by this post written by Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller, I decided to approach my outfit yesterday from the same perspective, wearing clothes that felt relaxed, comfortable and effortless.  I admittingly spend too many days analyzing my (overflowing) closet with rumblings in my mind of, “I have nothing to wear”.  In these moments I find it’s best to go back to the basics.  It’s when I can stop over thinking it that I feel my best.  Don’t be mistaken – I advocate for taking time to invest into your style.  But I also know what it’s like when things aren’t flowing naturally and you wind up with a mountain of clothing on your bed because, “nothing is working”.  When you’ve tried on endless combinations and even the exact outfit you wore last week feels completely different!  What the F?  Follow your instincts and be aware of which day today is.  Know your mood, your energy and stop trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.  Last nights leather pants may have brought out your inner rock star, but your favorite jeans today (in a less obvious way) could do the same thing!

SHOP THIS OUTFIT:  jacket: Aritzia (similar), t-shirt: Zara (similar), jeans: Rag & Bone, booties: Zara

DSC_0383 - Version 2