a year in the life of instagram

insta - finalI have always loved photography so it’s no surprise that I’ve become a self-proclaimed instagram junkie.  No one loves a good picture more than me.  I admit – there is somewhat of an addiction going on, but it’s inspiring to see what other people are putting out there, be it from a fashion, food, lifestyle, travel or design perspective.  And I do love sharing as well to hopefully provide the same.  I joined the bandwagon about two years ago, but it’s not until this past year in conjunction with the launch of Your Soul Style, that I’ve really started to spread my instagram wings.  Or rather #instagramwings.  I have enjoyed exploring my inner photographer so much that one of my goals for 2014 is to take a class here in NYC.  If anyone knows of a good one, please let me know!  Here’s a snapshot of some favorites from 2013, most of which represent fashion and the beach.  I see a theme happening here!  Join me on my instagram journey as I anticipate lots more goodness in the coming year!  I can’t wait to see you what you bring too!

Happy Friday!  xx jenny

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