i’m ready

IMG_8192Friends have suggested to me that I need to reveal more of myself on Your Soul Style.  That as much as I think I’m putting myself out there, I should give you more of my story, become vulnerable and give you a better understanding of who I am.  Really let you in.  It felt contradictory hearing this because I’ve always thought of myself as an open book.  Someone who wears the cliche’ heart on their sleeve.  And I am that person, but I also understand this point of view.  There are many aspects I haven’t divulged on this blog:  discovering my sexuality, my perpetual anxiety and recent health issues to name a few.  The style piece pours out of me, but the soul – well, we all know that’s a bit more complicated.

I never ever, ever want you to perceive my life as idealistic – not full of challenges, struggles and obstacles.  I am faced with circumstances that test my strength and endurance every day and just like you, I am constantly working towards refining, defining and embracing my soul’s style.  I don’t think I’ve told you that enough.  I remember a time where unfiltered emotions flowed from me like water, but over the past twenty years of life experience my skin has thickened and therefore so did my walls.  It has become harder to expose my insecurities, questions and uncertainty.  Even though I feel whole and grounded again, being open can sometimes feel like being naked.  But it also feels metamorphic to stand where I am today, coming out alive (and stronger) after many, many years of unsureness.  And I’m ready to begin talking about what that journey was like.

For 2014, I promise to reveal deeper parts of myself, even if they are hard to write about.  I will tell you because I’m confident that you can not only relate, but understand.  Like all important relationships, trust is key.  And I may have needed this past year to establish mine here.  But you should know that I trust you.  And I hope you trust me too.  Your Soul Style is a passion project, which makes you all a part of my heart. ?

with love and soul, jenny

photo via candy kennedy


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4 Responses to “i’m ready”

  1. Jackie  / 

    LOVED reading every word! i’m lucky to know of these deeper, more intimate sides of you – they’re inspiring! i’m excited for you to share these sides with all your new friends….xx

  2. susan  / 

    I recently found your blog and have spent a few hours curled under my down blanket reading it. I love your style because it’s accessible to the everyday girl, well, me to be exact! I’m always in a panic every morning while dressing and you’ve already helped me to put a few outfits together with what I already own. Thank you so much. Jenny, I too am filled with anxiety and insecurities however I never share mine. Should I? I don’t know.

  3. Jenny  / 

    love you! xx

  4. Jenny  / 

    hi susan! sorry for my delayed reply here! i’m so glad that you are enjoying the blog and can find it relatable. that is exactly how i want my readers to feel. let me know if you have any suggestions on posts! as far as sharing anxieties and insecurities, i think it’s important to make yourself vulnerable enough to express your truest feelings. people are receptive to the honesty and can understand what you are going through! everyone has anxieties and insecurities – it’s part of human nature! xx jenny