protesting the vortex

winter weekendThis winter has been one of the worst in history so unless you live in California or Florida you’ve likely been freezing for months, have skin like an alligator, and your snow-boots are a permanent fixture by the front door.  Despite another storm blowing in this past weekend, I decided to protest anything that would be practical to wear in weather as such. If you follow me here, you know – I am over it!  My ensemble included boots with no traction, pants with zero insulation and a coat that was clearly more fashion over function.  Sometimes a girl just needs to put her proverbial foot down.  On a positive note, I had a hat to protect my hair and water resistant MZ wallace metro tote which has proven to be one of the best purchases of 2014.  I managed to stay warm, not slip and avoid ruining my suede boots which was nothing short of a Chanukah miracle.  The temperature is supposed to stay in the mid-fourties for the next five days which for us New Yorkers, is also somewhat of a small miracle.  Enjoy the heat wave.  Happy hump day!

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