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los ángelesHello and happy friday!  Tomorrow we head out to LA to visit Dina’s family.  New York City is home and definitely has my heart, but every time out west, LA pulls on its strings.  We’ve fantasized about moving there, landing in Malibu and enjoying year-round beach life in a house like David & Yolanda Foster’s (shameless Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reference).  But we’d settle for a little surf shack too.  Until then, escaping this brutal winter of polar-vortexing for a bit will suffice.  For the next five days, follow me on instagram where instead of posting photos like this, they should hopefully look somewhat like above.  Happy weekend!  xx jenny

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    Hmmm…kudos to Nikki for doing something totally crazy in support of a something important! I cannot believe Nitro’s Law died and I do hope it comes back to life! My full support to Nikki (not to the extend of eating dog food…for my own medical reasons) !! Good luck and let’s get this Law reintroduced!!!!!!! Go Nikki!!!!

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    Erin,This post is sooo super sweet and special. Thank you for posting!! Also, congrats on the new, sweet little precious girl you have in your life! Many hugs,Heather