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father's day

I don’t know about you, but every year when Father’s day rolls around, I wind up racking my brain about gift ideas.  And then all of a sudden, it’s a few days before the weekend and I find myself scooping up something predictable  (for my Dad, it’s typically music related).  I’m clear about the fact that no matter what I give, he will like it.  It goes with the territory of being his one and only daughter.  But this year I wanted to be proactive and start thinking early.  Since Dad’s come with all different interests, I compiled a list which will hopefully inspire you to do the same!  Happy Friday!  xx jenny

SHOP IT for the gym guy // for the traveler // for the tech’y guy // for the corporate guy // for the kitschy dad // for the music guy // for the new dad // for the grill master // for the design guy // the hip dad // for the surfer

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  1. Corrie Quaranto  / 

    Love this. Thanks for the tips!!!