livin’ the dream


No matter how big or small your home is, it’s essential to create a space you love, are proud of and feel inspired by.  We plan on living in New York City forever, so apartment dwelling in small spaces is the inevitable. Unless of course one of us wins the mega millions, in which case we will buy a townhouse in the west village.  Until then, I plan on making any size home my dream home.  Bigger is not always better, and more isn’t always “more”.  Our apartment is my favorite place on earth because it’s filled with treasures we’ve collected from our travels around the world, full of photos with people that make our lives rich and encompasses moments and experiences that makes us, us.  These are reasons why it is my dream home.  I’ve recently been thinking about our next space and how I’d like to design it.  Perhaps boho meets modern meets beachy meets nature.  There has gotta be a balance in there somewhere, right?  In the meantime, I’ll keep pinteresting photos like these which will inspire me when the time comes to create anew!  These homeowners nailed it, for sure. More after the jump…









photos via blood & champagne

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