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Boyfriend jeans are a constant in my life and I have retired the skinny fit for well over the past six months.  A combination of a few extra pounds, the increasing humidity, plus the simple fact that as I age, I’m more interested in being comfortable.  While I always like to be pulled together and pay attention to my style, comfort is key.  In addition to this Rag & Bone pair, my Gap boyfriend jeans are also a major player in my wardrobe.  I probably wear them too much, and don’t wash them enough – but this is the kind of denim that gets better with age.  Flattering on most body types, super comfortable, and with the option of being both dressed up and down, I recommend scooping up a pair  – I promise, you will love.  Unfortunately the white just sold out online but other washes are available.  If you’re jones’ing for the white, check your local Gap store.  Style Tip: Size down as they run big and tend to stretch.  

You should know that Gap was built on the philosophy by its founders Doris and Don Fisher to “do more then sell clothes”.  The company is committed to socially responsible practices such as energy efficiency, conservation measures, waste reduction and establishes programs like P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement) which offers “female garment workers the life skills education and technical training they need to advance at work and in life”.  Read more about the company’s commitment to conscious, do-good initiatives here.  

SHOP THE LOOK:  cami: ZARA // jeans: GAP // shoes: ZARA (similar) // denim jacket: H&M (similar) // sunnies: RAY-BAN // handchain: JACQUIE AICHE

Jenny Greenstein jenny greenstein jenny greenstein 20140616_JennyGreenstein_2394 jenny greenstein

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local’s guide: nyc

what would gywneth do



Though I sometimes crave leaving my beloved city behind and b-lining for the beach like mentioned here, I do love New York.  Very early on, I had a desire to move into an apartment in the West Village (a brownstone, obv!) and settle down in the urban jungle.  New York City just lives in my bones, and it always has (and I think always will).  There is no denying it.  With that being said, when I reached out to Raluca, founder of lifestyle blog What Would Gwyneth Do (who is actually living out my fantasy on the beach in Southern California), I jumped at her suggestion to offer my take on a “local’s guide to Manhattan”.  Uncovering my favorite places “to shop, wine and dine, where to find the best massage, facials, places to take your kids” and so much more, I gave her readers the inside scoop.

Click here to view the post!

Be sure to stay connected with Raluca on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter – a lifestyle blogger with a working mommy slant, her blog (and distinct voice) is one you don’t want to miss: relatable, real and relevant! Raluca can also be found on Huffington Post ParentsThe Chalkboard Mag and The Conversation.

summer steals

sarah sherman samuel

The craziest part about July is that even though Summer has only just begun, seasonal merchandise is on its way out and designers + brands are just about ready to release Fall.  It’s like one big game of catch-up.  Lucky for us, fashion is a revolutionary phenomenon and despite a handful of trends coming in and out in the blink of an eye (ahem, Birkenstocks as Leandra Medine discusses in “The Life of a Trend” via ManRepeller), much of what we can get a deal on now will suffice for seasons to come.  Win, win all around if you ask me.  Items topping my “get ‘em before their gone” list are this dress from Oak that can be worn now and well into fall (adding a second layer and booties when temperatures start to come down), this James Perse shirtdress which can also transition to cooler temperatures seamlessly, this Band of Outsiders wave print crinkle maxi that will live in your closet as the ultimate vacation staple for eternity, this jumpsuit by Dolce Vita that easily goes from day to night, these never-go-out-of-style Belle by Sigerson Morrison neutral gladiator sandals, this white tunic from Tory Burch like the one shown above on Sarah Sherman Samuel, and the cutest beach bag carryall by Sensi Studio.

Find additional sale items at Shopbop, Saks Fifth Avenue and Mango at up to 70% off, Topshop and J.Crew at up to 50% off, H&M at up to 75% off and final reductions at luxury fashion site, Matches Fashion.

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travel: montauk


I just read an article called “The Brain Acquatic” in Psychology Today about how being near water can boost happiness and contribute to a positive attitude.  On many levels, I already know this to be true (the second my body is within five minutes of the beach, I immediately decompress), but to have scientific data that supports my pre-existing theory is supremely validating.  Maybe we should really consider giving up city life and moving to the beach, huh?  Now that the experts have weighed in and all.



DSC_0526 montauk

We were in Montauk a few weeks back for a long weekend of surf, sea, sand and sunsets, and for the first time since living in NYC, I was truly ready to give up on an urban lifestyle to live out my fantasy as a beach gal.  We arrived early in the day on Friday and couldn’t get to the beach fast enough.  We laid low and slowly began to take it all in.  Friday night hit all the pleasure centers, with live music at Surf Lodge, followed by a most epic dinner at The Crow’s Nest.  Watching the sun go down, listening to the drumbeat – I kicked off my shoes, closed my eyes, sipped my cocktail and for lack of a better word, was feeling it.  I grew up on Long Island, but never thought of it as “island’y”.  Montauk however, immediately transports you to that zen place.

DSC_0262 jenny greenstein

Saturday we were up early and grabbed a quick bite at Naturally Good Foods & Cafe along with a coffee from Tauk before heading to Ditch Plains beach so Dina could surf.  Whether you’re looking for family fun, a dip in the ocean, stand-up paddle or surfing – Ditch Plains has got it going on.  If you skipped on breakfast, coffee and snacks are available at the stationed food trucks.  I loved watching Dina take her board and fearlessly jump in the frigid water, ready to catch some waves.  A true inspiration always, she teaches me that you are never too old to learn how to do anything!  I was perfectly content sitting on our beach blanket, watching the water glisten off the rocks, and enjoying the positive vibes around me.  The balance of the day was spent by our hotel, The Beach Comber, which is located on Old Montauk Highway.  We decided to stay here because it lands you on a quiet stretch of beach less crowded then the hotels that are located in the center of town.  There is no public parking close to the beach entrance so its inhabitants are either from the small hotels or live close by.  It keeps things real mellow.  With book in hand, and the only sound around coming from the crashing waves, it was exactly what we needed.  If you’re looking for more action, I’d stay closer to town at either Sole East or Ruschmeyer’s.

dina weisberger montauk surf DSC_0398 montauk

Before heading back to get ready for dinner, we perused in town to check out the local shopping.  Per usual, my favorites were Calypso and Share with.  So much beachy goodness – who needs jeans when all you have to wear in a beach town is a gauze dress with flip flops and a hat?  Fashion Shmashion!  We found a cool new surf shop called Greenlines and there is also a Cynthia Rowley store that we unfortunately didn’t make it to.  Saturday night was dinner at Harvest, a yummy restaurant on fort pond with beautiful light at sundown, but definitely better for groups since the portions are family style.

DSC_0678 montauk

Sunday we grabbed breakfast a most delectable breakfast from Joni’s Kitchen which had a “build your own” breakfast burrito menu, that included gluten free wrap options (big win!).  Satiated and ready to take in our last moments of beach life, we headed to Ditch Plains so Dina could get in one more surf session, and then back to our local hotel beach to zone out for the rest of the day.  Relaxed, full of tan lines and recharged, we finished off our weekend breathing in the ocean air and made our way back to the concrete jungle so we could get our hustle on and figure out a way to get back there!

jenny greenstein jenny greenstein

For outtakes of the weekend, head over to Instagram and follow along @yoursoulstyle.

spotlight: moses nadel


When a friend of yours is a leather maker and designs the clutch of your dreams, there is no other choice than to tell the world about it.  I fell in love with this bag on sight.  A blend of boho and edgy, it has major style crossover appeal, and can take your most basic ensemble up a notch.  An obvious eyebrow raiser, one of those items where you will easily hear a steady stream of, “Where did you get that bag?”.

While the industry is shifting back towards the craft of “making”, emerging designer Moses Nadel is ripe for the picking with his line of leather pieces.  Each carefully constructed by hand, Moses pays attention to detail and uses the finest hides and fabrics.  His product, not only beautiful and with an impeccable design sensibility, is also durable, well-made and sturdy.  I’m holding the Emblem Tassel Clutch which can be customized, Moses adding personal details that will make it unique.  Anything you want, he can create it for you and bring your vision to life.  Investment pieces are built to last a lifetime and the leather will only get softer and better with age.  My other favorites from the line are the Bleeker Cinch Backpack and the Greenwich Excursion Tote.

There is something really special about owning an item that is crafted from someones blood, sweat and tears rather then a machine.  So much of American manufacturing has leaned on mass production for maximized profitability, but the quality of an item both on an emotional and tangible level cannot be beat when it comes from the creative soul of someones two hands.  Getting back to our roots, we are in an exciting time of reigning the industry back in and Moses Nadel is part of that revolution.

I had a Q & A with Moses because I wanted to hear more from the man behind the brand.  Check out the interview below and head over to Moses Nadel to view the full line.  Mention Your Soul Style when placing an order and receive 15% off!


YSS: How would you describe the Moses Nadel style/aesthetic?

MOSES NADEL: Our work is defined by an original classic aesthetic as well as considerable attention paid to the details of design and construction. Our materials are individually selected as much for subtle imperfections as for exceptional quality and beauty as part of a design process that involves extraordinary attention to elemental purity, aesthetic simplicity and an exquisite level of custom detail. So in essence, each piece we create is made with love and built to last a lifetime. 

YSS: Who is the Moses Nadel customer?

MN: The Moses Nadel customer has an appreciation for originality. They are motivated to explore beyond mass market, understand the value in custom work and limited edition collections and enjoy supporting and discovering smaller up-and-coming designers and artisans.

YSS: How did you get into leather making?

MN: I was out in the southwest and I started sewing and exploring sculptural work using recycled awnings and different materials. Being completely self-taught and loving to work with my hands, there were a lot of avenues to explore. For me, leather seemed to be the obvious evolution. I was interested in an art form that’s product was functional and I also wanted to work with materials that had inherent characteristics and beauty. Nadel in German means needle, so in retrospect, my path couldn’t be any more appropriate.

20140616_JennyGreenstein_2236 20140616_JennyGreenstein_2182

YSS: How long is the process of making a leather item by hand?

MN: Designing and making are totally different. Having a creative vision and refining an item to meet my desires can take any number of hours. Making an item that’s already been defined has it’s own challenges, but generally takes as much time as I have to give and as much time as it takes to meet my standard of quality.

YSS: Who/What inspires you?

MN: I’m inspired by my day to day experiences, the people I meet, the places I have been, and most importantly, where I am headed. The unknown can be scary, so remembering my mantra “Carry what you love… and love will carry you” inspires me to stay in the moment and enjoy the creative process.

YSS: Who are some of your favorite handbag/leather designers?

MN: I dig Wendy Nichol. She has it all worked out. She has a beautiful workshop, a beautiful product and a killer formula. I love classic Louis Vuitton and I also love finding vintage leather — some of the more obscure pieces that carry a lot of stories.

moses nadel

YSS: Who would be your dream collaborator?

MN: I have done some amazing collaborations in the past with other artists and boutiques. I always look forward to co-creating. I’m confident that the right people and the right things come into your life at the right time, so I am open to whatever is around the bend. 

YSS: What is your favorite piece you’ve ever made?

MN: I loved making the “Cotton King.”  This bag really marked a pivotal step in my evolution. National Geographic had a cover story that featured an Incan mummy shrouded in cotton, wearing a feather headdress. I embellished the concept of the mummy and paid homage to a divine story. The intensive hand-tied net combined with the elaborate appliqué and waxed hemp made such a great statement about my love of detail and material and past and present techniques. I unearthed my vocabulary.


YSS: If you weren’t a leather maker, what would you be doing?

MN: I was having a lot of fun traveling around the world working as an archaeological photographer, so I could still be doing that and living in the southwest if I hadn’t fallen in love with leather, bags and sewing and the prospects of NYC. 

YSS: Where do you see the brand in the next 5-10 years?

MN: We make really beautiful things, try not to create waste and are always evolving. There’s nothing like spending time with something well made. I love the durability of leather, the limitless nature of design, and the life long refinement of technique. Staying true to these key pillars and continuing to reach clients, will hopefully help to grow the brand. At this point our audience is very small and we’re using technology as a tool to curate a bigger audience. I envision a more diversified collective with accessories, outerwear and home, a band of talented and eager employees with an appreciation for craft, and loyal customers that we trust to guide our expansion. 

jenny greenstein

To see the full line and to place an order, head over to the Moses Nadel site.  Be sure to follow along on Facebook, TwitterInstagram & Pinterest for updated information and your daily dose of inspiration.

Wearing, camisole: ARITZIA // pant: ZARA // shoe: J.CREW // sunnies: RAY-BAN // clutch: MOSES NADEL  

photos via Jeff Thibodeau