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Jenny greenstein

Every year when Summer inches towards its end, I experience a profound shift in energy.  A new season feels like a reset, a start over, and refresh.  And to keep it real, I need that now more then ever.  I had mentioned in an earlier post that Dina and I were embarking on the journey towards becoming pregnant, and this Summer included much preparing for what we hope will transpire in the coming months.  While I’ll certainly miss the sea, sand and sun – I am ready for the new beginning.

These photos were taken on a family vacation earlier this week, and are just too good not to share.  The beauty and authenticity of mother nature can teach us many lessons and while I stood there and snapped away at this mind-blowing sunset, I was reminded to be present, patient, to be still and to trust the process.

I look forward to the amazing things this new season will have to offer, but like the rising and setting sun, will remain steady, humble and complete while moving through each stage.

I hope you all have a most epic last few days of Summer and enjoy your Labor Day weekend.  xx jenny

jenny greenstein jenny greenstein

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shopping: summer sale

summer sale

Despite my adoration of summer, I’ve got fall fever and my mind has already jumped ahead in anticipation for cozy sweaters, scarves and coats.  As much as I love the warmth, I equally appreciate fall, especially when it comes to getting dressed.  With that being said, New York Fashion Week is around the corner and before this season’s style becomes a thing of the past with NYFW streetstyle images inspiring my instagram feed, there are a few more epic items now on sale to still consider:  like this super easy and light Joie dress, a perfect low heel nude wedge from Matiko, this Hatch dress that works before, during and post pregnancy (and this one too!), a never go-out-of-style Bop Basic beachy cover-up romper, an easy throw over your swimsuit dress from 9Seed (I’ve not taken mine off all summer so calls for doubling up on) a lace popover from Myne which screams beach getaway (think the Caribbean in December!), this super sexy backless Cleobella dress, this Haute Hippie tank that transitions straight into cooler temperatures (perfect to layer with) and a Vanessa Mooney body chain which I have been mustering up the courage to wear all summer.  Maybe next year.

Head over to Shopbop to check out more sale items up to 70% off!

Happy shopping and weekend!

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spotlight: mario badescu

 mario badescu

I’m not one for routine facials, but after visiting the Mario Badescu salon in NYC, there is a high likelihood of conversion.  I walked out glowing, both internally and externally and who could put a price tag on that (let me mention here that the facials in Mario are likely the most affordable in NYC!)?  On a quiet block in midtown Manhattan, I stepped into the unassuming space which occupies the first floor of a residential building, and by the large number of clients standing at the front desk (at 2pm on a sunny Summer day), it was quite obvious the Mario Badescu spa means business.  The 36 treatment room facility can accommodate 200 facials daily, along with body massage, waxing, nail services and electrolysis.

mario badescu

Mario Badescu was founded in 1967 by Romanian born Mario Badescu, an esthetician who gave personalized facials designed specifically for each client, all products made by hand.  Eventually the demand became so high that Mario created a packaged line, moved from his second floor apartment to the building’s main floor and began to operate with a staff of estheticians.  Since his passing, the company is run by the Cabasso family, who own and operate Mario Badescu Skin Care and are dedicated to the founder’s philosophy of gentle, effective, skincare.  The skincare line has gained notoriety worldwide and is now available in over 20 countries.

mario badescu

A few minutes after arriving, Julia, one of the on-staff estheticians scooped me up.  Leading the way down a hidden corridor into a dimly lit treatment room, I undressed and settled on the comfy bed.  Julia kicked off with the non-negotiables for healthy skin: 7-8 hours of sleep, SPF, a healthy diet, plenty of water and of course routine facials.  As she began stroking my face, I quickly melted into the table.  Through each step, we combined her recommendations with my personal preferences (a vitamin C peel vs. glycolic since I am a sun worshipper) to establish a proper skincare regimen that I was comfortable with.  The Mario Badescu Skincare line is comprised of over 150 skin care products including cleansers, toners, moisturizers, eye cream, night creams, serums, masks, exfoliants, sun products, bath and body products.  Utilizing natural ingredients like, seaweed, aloe vera, papaya, chamomile, rosehips and cucumber, the range provides products that effectively address a multitude of skin types and issues.  Mario’s products are also locally made and never tested on animals!  The magic mask (a concoction of secret ingredients and not for sale, making it worth the trip there just for this!) was by far my favorite part of the experience.  Julia applied it and stepped out for fifteen minutes.  While my face soaked in the nutrients, and my hands were warming in the hydration mitts, I pretty much passed out, no small feat for my anxious, jittery NYC hustling self.  A few more potions and lotions later, I was putty in Julia’s hands and my skin was all shiny and new (and fresh faced and clean and hydrated and glowing and, and and…..this list is sort of endless).

mario badescu

When my treatment was complete, I was given a thorough and thoughtful one on one consultation to discuss my skincare and how to maintain the regimen.  We went over all of my specific needs and how to address them.  At the Mario Badescu Skin Care Salon no appointment is necessary to have a complimentary product consultation during which a skin specialist will analyze skin type and create a custom skin regimen.  To offer the same service to those who are not local to New York City, an online consulting feature has been added to the Mario Badescu website.  This enables first time customers to fill out a short questionnaire and receive product recommendations and a sample regimen by mail at no cost.

mario badescu

I walked away with a bag full of skincare dreams come true and I’ve been upping my game since that day.  So far, SO, SO good.  My face is feeling super clear, healthy and the aforementioned – glowing!  I’ve fell in love with the Vitamin C Serum which is evening out my freckly skin (not eliminating – I love them, but balancing the tones), the Oil Free Moisturizer (SPF 30) which I used all weekend in Montauk, the Buffering Lotion which is miraculously helping with two painful breakouts and my good old stand-by, which I will never ever (EVER!) stop using, the Enzyme Cleaning Gel.  It’s perfection in a bottle.

Mario Badescu is located at 320 E. 52nd Street on Manhattan’s East Side.  If you are local or in town, be sure to head over for a visit!  You guys really need to check it out.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.  In the meantime, pop over to the site to shop their full line of goods and to receive your free consultation!

Also be sure to follow Mario Badescu along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest for daily updates.

A special thanks to Nicole and Julia at Mario Badescu for such an epic experience.

keaton row stylist!

jenny greenstein

Hello friends!

Happy Monday!  I have some exciting news to share!  I recently became a personal stylist with Keaton Row, a free service that helps busy women with online shopping and styling.  I now have access to top online retailers like Nordstrom, Shopbop and ASOS, who pay me to curate and style their merchandise – at no extra cost to you!  Did you hear that???  I can be your personal stylist FOR FREE!  This means that I will create personalized head-to-toe looks for you – be it for a wedding, vacation, weekend essentials, seasonal refresh, work basics or even just an epic ensemble for a night out.  Whatever you need, really.  And all you pay for is what you buy!  Check out some of the recent lookbooks I created like Fall Must-Haves, Date Night or Fall Outerwear picks.  Or what I worked out for one of my clients HERE!

As always, my goal is to help you enhance and embrace your physical appearance so it is indicative of your unique personality and how you express it.  Together we will work to define your personal style from the inside out.  I empower you to become your own stylemaker and be the best version of yourself.  Let me help you discover YOUR SOUL STYLE!

Use this link to view my profile, sign up as my client and set a few style and size preferences:

I hope you take advantage of this amazing complimentary service.  And if you’d be so kind, please help me spread the word by sharing this post with your friends and family too!

To see my complete list of services (in-person styling, closet cleanse, etc.) head on over here, and send an e-mail directly to for all inquires.

I can’t wait to work with you!

With Love, Soul & Style,


spotlight: brooke coleman

brooke coleman

Like her own collection, Brooke Coleman evokes ease and a goddess-like sensibility.  We met on a warm Summer afternoon for a coffee/chat and wearing one of her own dresses, she floated my way – confident, beautiful and inspired.  Passion oozed as we began to discuss her Spring 2014 launch – which is an extension of her philosophy that “a woman is at her best when she feels her best, starting from the inside and radiating out.”  A woman after my own heart, the collection is full of spirit, authenticity, and is designed with the intention to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, which is exactly what it did for me when I wore her iconic black jumpsuit.

Brooke was born a designer, or rather self proclaimed “clothing-maker”.  Realizing she wasn’t ready at age twenty-one after launching her first collection, she decided to take the time and work for others, learn the trade and gain experience.  Brooke is a believer that life unfolds organically and we are tested until we are ready.  I couldn’t agree more.  After her relocation to Costa Rica with fiancé Ed, she finally felt ripe and confident to bring her vision back to life.  And this time with full force.  Inspired by the surrounding environment, the dream became tangible.

In Costa Rica, where the collection was born, Brooke and Ed are building a self-sustaining community called Puerta a la Vida,  While days are spent working with her hands, a desire grew to make clothing that wasn’t fussy or overly complicated.  Functionality, simplicity and comfort were key objectives, while also maintaining “divine femininity” and organic beauty.  Her first collection is reflective of the wonders of nature and trying to recreate it.  Many of the prints are reminiscent of the epic Costa Rican sunsets and waterfalls .  The collection is versatile, can be worn in every area of your life and should not to be treated as art since the focus is on highlighting you, and not what you are wearing.

Excited about the future, Brooke has hit the ground running and will continue to grow her brand, keeping an emphasis on making clothing that defines individuality and empowerment.  Living in the abundance of nature, she is reminded that we are all a part of something bigger and infuses her collection with a oneness to the earth.  A woman with a spirit that shines incredibly bright, Brooke shares with us a little more about her soul and her style….

brooke coleman

Your Soul Style: What is Your Soul Style?

Brooke: Being happy.  I’m not sure how else to describe it.  It’s the feeling of quiet confidence:  like a warm glow from the inside.  Wearing an outfit that I love, feels and looks incredible (and like it was just tossed on) always helps.  

YSS: How is your personality reflected in your style?

Brooke: Not overly complicated, colorful, comfortable, subtly sexy…yup that pretty much describes me & my collection.

YSS: What does your style say about you?

Brooke: That I’m a pleasure seeker.  I just like to feel good.

YSS: Did your style evolve over time or has it stayed consistent?

Brooke: My mother likes to tell the story of how at about 4 years old, I had one favorite lilac colored, ditsy floral print dress with frilly lace details and a high collar, like one you’d see on a doll.  I’d wear it every day.  I still have a tendency to find a favorite “uniform” and wear it pretty consistently until it falls apart.  Although I have favorite pieces for periods of time, I’d say “my style” is always evolving, just like everything else.

YSS: Since you now live in Costa Rica, is your style reflective of the lifestyle there?

Brooke: Its funny you ask that.  It’s sort of the opposite – my lifestyle has become reflective of my style!  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always drawn packing lists and made little tiny sketches of “dream outfits” (shoes and accessories included) when planning for beach vacations.  So I’ve pretty much been designing a resort collection my entire life. It’s my favorite clothing.  All through college and my early twenties, I dreamed that in my “future adult life”, I’d be throwing gatherings and cocktail parties in my epic garden, floating around wearing some fabulous brightly colored caftan (I shared this with a best friend once – she still randomly blurts out “caftans” at me during conversations).  From my NYC apartment, I didn’t see how this imagined future could ever be a reality, and then one day – poof!  It happened.  My dream became real.  This world is magic.  There’s no other explanation.

brooke coleman

  YSS: How has your style changed since moving to Costa Rica?

Brooke: Well, in addition to launching my dream collection from Costa Rica; my fiance and I are also creating a sustainable community and wellness retreat.  So these days I spend a lot of time building tree swings and planting the organic gardens.  I find myself in ratty t-shirts and leggings quite often.  But when the dirt and digging are over, I find my “go-to’s” are pieces from my own collection.  They just make sense here.

YSS: Where are your favorite places to shop when back in NYC?  Who are your favorite designers?

Brooke: Beautiful Dreamers, Jumelle, Bird, 10 Singles, & the weekend flea markets in Williamsburg.  Reformation, Creatures of Comfort, & No.6 in NYC.   My favorite designers change all the time.  I just look for pieces that speak to me. 

YSS: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Brooke: Life, people-watching, day-dreaming.  Textiles & Color.  My Favorite game in life is figuring out the best things I can create with what is available to me at the time (this is applicable to almost everything).

YSS: Do you have a style icon?

Brooke: I’d have to say my Mom, and both of my Grandmothers.  My mother is an artist and was a fashion illustrator back in the day, so she taught me early on about flattering proportions and attention to detail.  Mom had some of the most bad-ass jumpsuits in the 80’s, and generally pretty kick-ass style for her whole life.  Her closet was always the best place to shop.  Some of my best memories of bonding time with my mom was while half naked trying on clothes in Loehmann’s back room.  My mom always looks incredible, and never tries too hard.  She’s mastered the easy, sexy, classic, comfy balance. Actually, she’s just a natural.  I’m super grateful for being born to such an incredible woman.  

My grandmas were total opposite ends of the spectrum style-wise.  Grandma Barbara was kind of eccentric with bold head scarves and chunky jewelry.  If I had to categorize it, she was kind of cool bohemian gypsy, with a laugh (and bangle bracelets) that you could hear from miles away.  I miss her.  Grandma Belle was alway super chic and minimal.  I’m pretty sure I had ever only seen her wear bone, beige, or off-white.  With perfect salon hair and nails and high-end accessories. She was kind of Grace Kelly meets J.Lo with a whole lot of Joan Collins from Dynasty mixed in.  She was an incredible woman, and a total powerhouse.  I’ll always admire her deeply.

brooke coleman

YSS: Do you have any style challenges?

Brooke: Woven blouses.  I just don’t like them.  They feel wrong on me.  I’ll always reach for the t-shirt, tank, or chunky sweater.

YSS: Do you have a favorite fashion/style moment?

Brooke: I have a lot of these, but the one that pops into my mind now was in 7th Grade, I put together an outfit that consisted of a black spandex catsuit with a long fitted one button blazer over it and cowboy boots.  I know it sounds absolutely awful right now (and even worse to imagine it on an awkward 7th grader), but at the time I felt like a rock star. I aced tests because of that little get-up.

YSS: And your worst?

Brooke: The first time I was allowed to use hair gel.  I was about 6.  I thought I looked like Joan Jett.  I actually looked like Kenickie from Grease.  My parents pointed this out while laughing hysterically in the bathroom mirror with me.  It took years to work out the whole curly hair thing, but now its one of my favorite things about me.

brooke coleman

YSS: Must have item in your wardrobe?

Brooke: A huge printed mesh scarf/wrap. I have 2 in my possession from Jean Paul Gaultier from years ago.  I take them everywhere!  They look great with everything and can be used as a scarf, head wrap, dress, picnic blanket, shawl, a shade structure – anything. 

YSS: One thing every woman should have in her closet?

Brooke: A perfect pair of jeans. Perfectly worn in, the pair that fit so well, you have to admire your own ass in the mirror.

YSS: What is your advise to women on how to embrace style?

Brooke: Embrace all things about yourself first – everything else follows.  Always go with what makes you feel good.

YSS: Three things people don’t know about you….

Brooke: I have a freakish talent for drawing and making things exactly to scale by eye (without measuring), I love building things – when I start projects I can not stop until I’ve finished, its like a compulsion and I’m a kick-ass roller skater.

brooke coleman

Head on over to Brooke Coleman’s site to view her full collection.  Till the end of August, she is offering 30% off for all Your Soul Style readers!  Enter the code YOURSOULSTYLE when checking out to redeem your discount!  Also be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates.