summer baby

antoine rose

This Summer has reinforced how much I love (and need to be by) the sea.  It recharges, reboots, and (literally and figuratively) washes my stress away.  I’m certain it’s because I entered the universe on July 1st and am a Summer baby.  Living on the east coast provides easy access to water, but the concrete jungle can sometimes make it feel far, even if this concrete jungle is an island no less.  We try and take advantage of all beach-going opportunities, but no matter the amount, it’s never enough.  With that being said, the beach is on the agenda for Sunday, and I’ll be heading back to Montauk come Monday for mini getaway.  What are you doing this beautiful August weekend?  I hope it’s something good that makes you as happy as the ocean makes me.  Cheers to the beach!  And to Summer!

photo via Antoine Rose {Swell} 

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