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And so the search for a new apartment has begun, and while I was very excited about this prospective move (and decorating a new space) when in conversation phase, the reality is scarier then I thought – especially since we’re exploring areas outside of Manhattan. Although Brooklyn isn’t far, we hadn’t really planned to leave our beloved island – ever!  We’ve always considered ourselves eternal Manhattanites. Lifers. I’ve been living here since 2001 and Dina since (gasp), 1990. But after spending considerable amounts of time in a few new neighborhoods across the river, we fell in love with them. And the spaces we’ve seen hit many of the objectives we idealize in a home such as high ceilings, light and outdoor space – attributes which are hard to find in Manhattan in our price range. I still have a little bit of anxiety about the whole thing, but I’m looking forward to establishing our new home, and exploring a new area. Change is good and we are both ready for this one. These images which I’ve been collecting on my pinterest board are solid visual reminders of what’s to come. And I can’t wait! Have you made the leap to a new area? How was it? Would love to hear your stories in the comment section.

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2 Responses to “home base”

  1. Lindsay  / 

    We made the move from SF to Oakland in January. It’s been a difficult transition for me as Ive been a city dweller for the greater part of my adult life. I am now reliant on a car as we live in the hills. All in all, it was a good decision. I could not imagine having a baby in a 1 bedroom apartment. And, home ownership is quite satisfying. Good luck with BK!!! Xo

  2. jenny greenstein  / 

    thanks for the support lindsay! appreciate your words. we are definitely ready for newness and more space, and while there will be a period of adjustment, i can’t wait! xx