the big chill


I am a total scarf junkie so when the temperature hit the fifties this past Saturday, I welcomed the chill and was excited for my first scarf-wear of the season, documenting it on instagram to express my appreciation of course. The bigger the better, and my collection continues to grow exponentially. My soul style feels there is no better accessory for fall and winter. As a New Yorker, outer layers are just as important as inner since we spend so much time outside. Your head-to-toe ensemble includes coats, scarves, gloves, mittens, hats, etc so pay attention to the details. With that said, I’ve been perusing the interweb for a fresh update and am keeping my eyes on a cozy style from Acne, a neutral print from Malene Birger, a cashmere plaid from J.Crew (mens), a double face gingham from Topshop, an oversized striped style from ASOS, a faux fur from Whistles, a mountain shadow scarf from Madewell and I already picked up this double layered soft style from Zara.

Happy Monday!

photo: source unknown 

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