gift guide: for him

holiday gift ideas 2014 - for the men

Rounding out this week of gift giving, here’s an edit for the boys. I tend to stick to the items I know the men in my life will love such as an amazon gift card for bro and socks, music paraphernalia and/or apparel for dad, but here are a few other last minute ideas….

Happy weekend, and Holidays!

Clockwise from top left: rag & bone money case // wayfarer sunnies // d r harris shaving set // paul smith socks // brooks brothers pjs // bose bluetooth // shedrain umbrella // herschel travel kit // triple c power bank //  j.crew shearling slippers // canada goose hat // native union iPhone 6 case

gift guide: for the kids

holiday gift ideas 2014 - for the kids

Instead of getting the latest technology gadget this coming holiday for the kiddos in your life, why not fill the bambinos stockings with gifts that foster communication, teamwork, and good ole’ fashion fun! Plus, some cute accessories to boot. Here’s my edited gift guide for the kids this season, full of activities that you can do with them over this holiday season!

Counter Clockwise from top left: razor scooter // junior aviators // design your own snow globe // binoculars // unisex pi’s // pick-up sticks // state bags backpack // vw play tent // glitter moccasins // design your own superhero mask //  buffalo check hat

gift guide: for her

holiday gift ideas 2014 - for her

I am back from a most amazing trip to the tropics, feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to take on 2015 in a big, bad way. A digital detox was exactly what we needed, and it really put into perspective the meaning of being present. I’ll be putting together some photos to share with you in the coming weeks. Speaking of presents (or presence), with only a little bit of time left to shop for holiday gifts, I thought I’d help out and put together some tips that will hopefully make this stressful time a little less stressful. This week, I will be posting my picks for her, for him and one for the kids! To kick things off, I’ll begin with a gift guide for the women in your life. Whether she’s a music aficionado, fashion lover or a romantic, there is something here for everyone.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Counter clockwise from top left: tom dixon candle // clare vivier clutch // carolina amaro gloves // j.crew fair isle leggings // nixon leather watch // dwr silent vase // j.crew cuff // lodge moccasins // saint laurent card case // frends headphones // kim wool beanie

recharge. reboot. refresh

parrot cay

I think the last time I legitimately shut down all of my devices was close to three years ago. We had gone on a trip to Virgin Gorda, and it was right before I journey’ed into the land of Instagram, blogging and Your Soul Style, making it easy for me to put my phone and computer away for the duration of our trip. For one full solid week, everything was off, and this was likely the last time I was completely disconnected. And it felt amazing. I was authentically decompressed and got to fully hear the ocean, truly feel the sand, and honestly absorb the sun into my bones. Since this vacation (and starting my business), every time we go away, I excuse myself from turning things completely off because “My work is my life and my life is my work. Photos, checking e-mail and social media sharing are a crucial part of my job”. And the reality is that it is. But I’ve decided to kick it old school again. It has been a very long and trying year, and being away without distraction is exactly what I/we need.

Tomorrow we leave for Turks and Caicos, for eight days of expected pure bliss, and in an effort to embrace a truly relaxing, restorative and refreshing experience, I will be completely unavailable. Sadly, over the past few years of being connected through the interweb, I have not been as present in life’s most beautiful moments. I have unfortunately looked at my experiences through a lens of how I will be sharing it with others, and have denied myself the ability to see things for what they are. I want to truly BE there and absorbed into my environment without thinking about how I am going to caption my next photo. Operating this way has been nothing short of self-sacrificing, and a huge injustice that I am not willing to participate in anymore. With that said, there will be no sharing on Facebook or Instagram for the entire time of our vacation and I will open up my experiences to you in hindsight so I can therefore take them all in, in REAL TIME. I cannot wait! I will meet you back here my friends, and I hope you all have a fantastic week. Happy Holidays!

xx Jenny


a gift card with soul & style

gift certficate

Hello there and happy Tuesday! I hope you all had an amazing holiday with your friends and family. We just returned from a getaway to Florida, where my parents live during the winter months. It was lovely to spend time with family, and the warmth did not hurt one bit either.

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, and we have embraced Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, the gift-giving season is in full swing. This year, I wanted to let you all know that Your Soul Style Gift Cards will be available! Whether it’s your Mom who needs a Closet Cleanse. your sister who needs some Style Coaching, or your friend who is looking for a stylist-assisted Shopping trip, all of these services can be purchased for your friends and family! Today is “Giving Tuesday”, and in lieu of the philosophy of giving back, why not give a gift this year that heals from the inside out! Head on over to the What is a Style Coach? post to refresh on the details, and get in touch with me directly at if you’re interested! I will be offering 15% off through December 25th!

Happy Holidays!