weekly finds

weekly finds

Hi all! How’d you all make out during the anti-climatic snowpocalyse? We were all stocked up and remained cozy although Dina needed to satiate her kid-like side and went gallivanting for a bit to scope things out. I myself was happy as a lamb working from home, in my pjs’ on the couch! Which lucky for you, gave me more time to collect all of the goodness for this ‘weekly finds’ post. So have it, and an epic weekend too. xx jenny

1. A brilliant essay, “When Your Mother Says She’s Fat” written by Kasey Edwards about the direct relationship between how we see ourselves and how our children see themselves…

2. A wear-with-everything gold bangle for Spring from J.Crew (ON SALE!) seems about just right…

3. After years of trying to locate the perfect snow boots that are stylish, lightweight, durable, effective, and not bulky, I finally found perfection in these from North Face. Came in handy during juno this past week.

4. Planning on a red and yellow beet salad so out of curiosity googled all of the benefits which I found a great article on from Full Circle.

5. Did you catch my spotlight this week on the non-profit organization, International Princess Project? Be sure to check it out and donate, donate, donate! One person at a time, we can change the world. #redlightwednesday

6. Dina said this Clare Viver will be impractical when the baby arrives, but I “need” it for Spring, obv. You understand, right?

7. So excited for the straight leg jean trend, and loving the edit that Shopbop put together with so many epic choices.

8. And straight jeans from Asos for the prego ladies too…

9. Following through with this positive change during pregnancy post, I started prenatal yoga this week. Mika Oakes, my bestie and teacher, helped me move my body in ways that it hasn’t in almost a year. I’m so grateful for her and this one/one coaching. If you’re looking for a most epic teacher who is not only an expert in her field, but will also understand you on an emotional level too, she is your gal. Get in touch with her here.

10. Love the Ancient Greek sandals I bought last year so much, that I’m thinking about going back for this version.

11. This Lisa Marie Fernandez swimsuit is topping my Summer wishlist, and I’m convincing myself that this top is the perfect support system for my daily growing boobs!

12. Scoping out my next faux leather jacket, and ASOS has got one that I think is spot on. Many other choices over here too, most on sale.

13. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries! I’m a MEGA advocate. “We can better serve others out of abundance rather than out of guilt, obligation, or unnecessary responsibility”. Self-love IS NOT selfish. A quick read on Steps In Self-Love from Darling magazine.

 14. Transparent is likely the best new show on television. We binge watched the entire first season. Profound, and such an important, ground-breaking topic to bring into awareness.

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