well rounded ny: jumpsuits


Now that the cats out of the bag and I can talk openly about being pregnant, I’m even more excited to share with you  my contributing posts to Well Rounded NY, the online destination that helps you come to terms (and term) with your pregnancy in the city. I started to write for the site in September before I had even conceived, but now I truly understand the experience and am eager to share my tips with ya’ll along the way! Like, the one this week on jumpsuits which has pretty much been my go-to silhouette the past few months of having to conceal the first few pounds while also staying comfortable and stylish too. I already own the Hatch Cashmere Onesie (which I live in), the Zara Racerback and have a version of the Utility Suit. Head over to Well Rounded NY to shop the full post….

And, a note to you my friends, family and readers…..

While I will continue to cover all of the same content that I have over the past couple of years on Your Soul Style, and have no intentions of becoming a “Mommy Blogger”, I can’t wait to share with you all of the new information that I learn along the way! I grow, and therefore so will Your Soul Style. I already have so much that I want to talk about and am feeling extremely inspired again. I know you all have epic experiences that I am eager to hear about too. Like always, let’s go at it together…..


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