weekly finds: handbags

weekly finds

It’s the weekend! WOO to the HOO! This week was a bit busy, but in the very good-busy kind of way. Do you ever have those types of weeks? I’m so grateful to be feeling creatively inspired again after such a tough year because in those darkest moments, it felt like this part of me would never resurface. With some time, patience, self-care and new collaborations, my head is swirling with ideas. I can’t wait to see what the coming months will bring. For this Weekly Finds post, I originally wanted to put together a list of women who have been inspiring me of late, with tons of soul and lot’s of style. But I realized mid-week that I needed more time to work on it. Instead, I got to thinking about handbags! Stylish in a whole different kind of way! Although the only one I’ll likely be purchasing come spring will have a compartment for diapers and bottles, I’m certain you’ll want something more fun! With that said, some faves for the warmer days ahead…

1. BANANA REPUBLIC cross body bag // 2. CHLOE cross body // 3. J.CREW cross body // 4. CLARE VIVIER sandrine // 5. MUZUNGU SISTERS straw tote // 6. J.CREW caracas tote // 7. J.CREW straw clutch // 8.  CLEOBELLA clutch // 9. FINDS bucket bag // 10. SOPHIE ANDERSON crochet tote // 11. MADEWELL backpack // 12. STREET LEVEL vegan tote // 13. CHLOE large marcie tote // 14. BAGGU oversize tote

trend: denim

denim on denim

Inspirational dressing is no easy accomplishment when you’re pregnant. Shapes are limited, and while I do like creatively interpreting trends and silhouettes, the assortment is much, much smaller. With that said, the ever-so-popular denim on denim look (see above) is one that can easily be enjoyed by all body types, whether expecting or not. I love the oversized button-down, paired with detailed denim, and chunky brown braided sandals combo which update this classic head-to-toe ensemble into an on-trend 70’s inspired one.

Get the above look with an oversized button-down from Sundry, a pair of straight leg denim from Baldwin Denim (slim maternity boyfriends from H&M for the mamas-to-be) and these two-tone sandals from See by Chloe.

And a few other ideas to inspire you…

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wrny: first trimester realities


Before conceiving, I thought I’d be one of those earth-mother types who would instantly start radiating from the inside out. I’m sure you’ve heard about that pregnancy glow, right?? From what the media (and even more-so social media) depicts about pregnant women, I was under the impression (perhaps delusional?) that this would be me from the get-go. I had of course heard about the early cliche pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, etc., however the greater emphasis is always put on the glorified parts. At least for a typical person scrolling through their instagram feed (as I was pre-pregnancy). There isn’t much transparency into the ‘ugly’ side unless you seek out the information, so why would I expect anything different than what I saw in the highlights? My perspective included women holding gorgeous round bellies while giving their two-year old a smooch, celebrities in head-to-toe chic maternity ensembles (Blake Lively = flawless), beautiful baby showers, seamlessly crafted nurseries, and I’m not even going to get into all of the photos of pregnant yogis turned upside down and sideways in front of a beautiful ocean landscape with the sun perfectly setting on their bump. Naturally, I imagined my experience to look like a version of this, the world immediately opening up to send me love and light and instantly I’d feel connected to myself both spiritually and physically, miraculously becoming super woman, obviously! Yeah right! Maybe for some that actually happens. But for most women, the reality of the first trimester looks nothing like this at all. I mean not even a slight resemblance. While I am supremely grateful, excited and humbled by becoming a mama, it was very hard to embrace any of this in my first trimester.

I wish I had a write-up to read in the beginning when I felt like the only person in the world who was struggling, because it would have come in handy knowing that most women go through a similar experience. It was a very vulnerable (and sometimes lonely) time, especially during the first 12 weeks when living in the pregnancy closet. I’m the type of person who wears heart on sleeve, and likes to talk about EVERYTHING (this blog – case in point). Now that I’ve gotten through my first trimester, I wanted to put something together for all of you who are about to embark on the journey – a realistic lens to keep expectations in check, and a few words of wisdom so you know that I understand. I promise you are not alone! In a contributing piece for Well Rounded NY, I present you with 10 of the less glorified parts of pregnancy that you knew about, but never really expected to happen to you! Along with some advice on how to cope with it all!

Head over to Well Rounded NY to check out the piece…

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weekly finds: pale and neutrals

weekly finds - pale and neutral

Hola friends. Is everyone thawing out from this weeks frigid temperatures? I avoid going outside like the plague and am grateful to frequently work from home. But I have to pop out here and there, and let’s just say that this NYC winter is a doozy. Despite my five layer deep ensembles, I’m dreaming of long, bohemian dresses, sandals and putting on clothing that feels like air. This weekly finds post is dedicated to pales and neutrals, tones that are trending for spring 2015 because I’ve hung my hat on winter-wear and have only got warm weather thoughts on the brain. Especially these light, lovely and breezy shades. With that said, I’ve been perusing the interweb and am coveting the following:

If I wasn’t pregnant, these Mango white trousers would have been en route to my apartment yesterday….

This Malene Birger lace top is ideal for those Spring/Summer desk to dinner days…

A nice refresh from jeans, this Current/Elliot white denim pencil skirt is super fresh…

How cute is this LemLem tunic cover-up for the beach??? And this jumpsuit!

I’d wear this Splendid maxi dress to the beach, and then wear it straight out to dinner….

This Topshop pull-on dress is the kind of easy style I’d throw on to peruse a weekend street fair in NYC. And this Isabel Marant inspired one too.

Ever since I read Leandra Medine’s book, Manrepeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls, I’ve been jonesing for a white pair of pumps. Loving this J.Crew option. I like the neutral suede too.

This Tibi top is more of a wishlist item, but how cute would it be with or without baby-bump?

A blazer is on my list of wardrobe essentials, and this pale pink one from Joie is on point for Spring/Summer…

What a great Summer carryall from Banana Republic to throw in all your goodies (and it’s on SALE!). And how cute (and convenient!) is this belt bag!

Have an epic weekend! Stay warm! xx

WRNY: joggers

WRNY - joggers

I had lot’s of ideas about styling before I got pregnant, and while I do like to dress the bump and find new and creative ways to accommodate my changing shape – at the end of the day comfort is key! If I could live in dresses round the clock without any pressure on my belly I would, but since the weather has been insanely cold, it’s not even an option. With that said, joggers have been my best friend. Elastic waists and a slouchy fit have been my go-to when I want to look stylish, but remain comfortable. This is actually true for when I wasn’t pregnant too! Check out a round-up of my favorite spring styles in this weeks contributing post on Well Rounded NY. Enjoy!