virtual styling 101

virtual styling 101

Hello, and happy week. Back in NYC and slowly watching my tan fade away from the frostiness – holy cold! Things have got to start warming up soon around here! Yesterday I was going to pop over to the Hatch sample sale, but aborted because of the negative degree temperature. Maybe I’ll try for it today. With that said, I worked from home and virtual window shopped instead. Speaking of virtual shopping, last week a client reached out requesting help to find an evening dress for an upcoming event and instead of hitting the pavement, we worked exactly this way. My client wanted a “sophisticated”, but low-key cocktail dress, that was season-appropriate, and which concealed her mid-section. Rent the Runway was ideal since she didn’t want to invest in a new dress right now.

Whatever your specific needs, timeframe, and budget, hand-picked, edited selections and personalized, coordinated outfits can be delivered to you via e-mail and revised until we find what works best. In this case, my client narrowed down her own choices, and I provided guidance and feedback. Once the dress is chosen, we will work on the layers such as shoes and accessories. We also may take a shopping trip to the NYC Rent The Runway store to try on in person. Above is the example of our first round of edits. Keep in mind that my feedback was based on her individual style personality, body type, specific wants and needs. We are all very, very different! 

More affordable then in-person styling, virtual styling is not only a great option for clients who don’t live close by, but for locals too. Friends and family are always willing to offer opinions, but sometimes we need objectivity and a professional perspective! Reach out and let me help you look your best, always taking into consideration your unique sensibility, specific needs and offering only styles that compliment your shape best.

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weekly finds

weekly finds

In lieu of my week spent down here in Florida, and the fact that I’ve been staring at palm trees for the past five days, this ‘Weekly Finds’ post is dedicated to all things warm-weather friendly, with an emphasis on the tropics. Consider me inspired. I’ve said this before in previous posts, but I really feel like I’m destined to live in warmth. The instant I stepped off the plane, my energy increased. Don’t get me wrong, there are many parts about NYC living that I love, but trading in for endless days of 75 and sunny is the ultimate temptation. With that said, I’m counting down the days till spring, and will welcome her with open arms. In the meantime, a few finds for the seasons’ ahead (or perhaps a vacation in the tropics?).

Have an epic weekend, and a happy valentines day! If you’re still looking for outfit ideas for love day, pop over to this weeks earlier post for some inspiration. Enjoy!

1. Juliet Dunn palm print coverup / 2. Suboo tropical drape dress / 3. Finds crochet bikini / 4. Samudra soft bag / 5. Mara Hoffman pareo / 6. Topshop tropical twist front caftan / 7. Clover Canyon dress / 8. Alice + Olivia palm tree dress (on sale!)

be my valentine

valentines day 2015


This year Dina and I will unfortunately be apart for Valentine’s Day. I’m here in Florida and she’s heading to Vail for a snowboarding trip with her sisters family. We aren’t a big “hallmark holiday” kind of couple, but I’m feeling particularly compelled to spend alone time together since once July rolls around, we’ll be +1. So dinner is on the calendar for next week at Marc Forgione, our favorite restaurant here in NYC. We ate there the night we got legally married in 2012, and have been anniversary’ing ever since. With that said, it’ll be nice to put on a date/pregnancy-friendly outfit, and spend some time after being apart. What have you got planned for love day? A few styling ideas to get your juices flowing, complete with the outfit, the layers and of course, the details. Enjoy! ♥  

the OUTFIT  ⇔  lace top // faux leather pants // print body con dress // lace slip dress //

the LAYERS  ⇔  faux fur // clare vivier clutch // ear cuffs // black suede pumps //  leather jacket // metallic clutch // choker // black booties

the DETAILS  ⇔  bite high pigment lip pencil // bite lip plumping gloss // givenchy nail polish // perfume // organic candle // triangle lace bra // mimi holliday lace briefs // cosaebella lace bra // cosabella lowrider thong // cosabella triangle bra // cosabella lowrider hotpants // mimi holliday playsuit

weekly finds

weekly finds

Another week, another snowstorm. I’m over it – for reals. I was trekking around on Monday holding on for dear life and while I have epic weather-appropriate boots that I told you about in last weeks’ Weekly Finds, I still almost wiped out. Oh springtime, you are so near I can taste it! I’m heading to Florida on Monday for a visit with my mama and pops, so it’ll be a nice teaser of warmth that shall soon be heading our way. Have a cozy weekend friends!


1. As a mama in the making, I’m constantly thinking about the kind of role model I want to be. Whether having a baby or not, Mind Body Green’s article 5 Ways To Be A Body-Positive Role Model, gives us all a few tips we can learn from.

2. I have an obsession with outerwear which is odd because I’ve been dying for warmth since November! While I continue to hold out on shedding layers, I’ve got this, this and this on the brain from the ASOS sale.

3. “Over several years of parenting, I slowly began to understand that my job was not to fix my children or change their emotions, it was to nurture and nourish their humanity so that they had space to grow, change and be more unified in heart, spirit and mind.” An excerpt from an important read, 3 Signs Of Emotionally Strong Mothers.

4. I wore this J.Crew hat to shreds from India to Barcelona and beyond, and had to toss it after Turks & Caicos. It’s time to replace it for the upcoming beach days which hopefully lie ahead!

5. Sports Illustrated is featuring its first plus size swimsuit model and I could not be more thrilled about it! Check it! #PROGRESS

6. Had to pick up my new favorite Coola sunscreen for Florida, and wanted to share the goodness. Excellent protection, organic, vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, unscented, hypoallergenic, paraben free, ultra sheer and more. Stock up for Summer!

7. Hundreds of new styles added to Shopbop’s SALE category. I’ve got this, this, and this in my shopping cart.

8. With f/w 2015 New York Fashion Week quickly approaching, I’ve been compelled to recap some of the spring trends. I’m excited for long bohemian dresses, like the one in the above photo from Chloe, but some others to watch out for are utility, leather/suede, pale neutrals & whites, denim and floral.  The full breakdown (plus slideshow) on

9. We didn’t want to register for the babe at individual stores, but rather use a site that aggregates from many. A friend of mind recommended BabyList which I’ve been having a blast with all week!

10. Have my eyes on these Newbark sandals for easy, everyday wear or this more affordable version from J.Crew.

11. Eternally inspired by the StyleLikeU platform, where founders Elisa and her daughter Lily are constantly challenging the stereotypical norms of fashion ideology, and showcasing that true beauty starts from within, from an individualistic place. The What’s Underneath Project interviews are a must watch.

12. I’d love to step up my yoga game with these La Vie Boheme yoga mats.

13. Remember my tip on beets in last weeks’ Weekly Finds? I finally made my beet and goat cheese salad, which came out amaze! Ironically Mind Body Green did a post this week on The Cleansing Power of Beets, including 10 great recipes. Check it!

14. This Torchlight find is what my dreams are made of, and hopefully will help me have even better ones.

home inspo: anna malmberg

anna malmberg

This weather is for the birds, don’t you think? They said on the news this morning that the groundhog saw its shadow which means only just 6 weeks left of winter. Yahoo! Who’s with me? In other news, I kind of feel like a broken record talking about our apartment hunt, but now at least you understand why we need one so bad – we are growing in size as a family. I am certainly growing, as you can all tell from my latest instagram photo! 17 weeks today! All for good reason of course, but looking for a home is a bag of stress and then some. Especially in NYC where inventory is scarce, and prices are through the roof. What began with eagerness, has now turned into an emotional and physically exhausting endeavor. I want to be enthusiastic – I do! But it’s become hard. Prices are at an all time high, and because it’s the winter, inventory is at an all time low. Not the best combination when you’re on the hunt. With that said, we remain with eyes wide open and are looking forward to the temperatures climbing. In the meantime, another dose of inspiration from one particular home in general, photographer Anna Malmberg. Maybe she’ll just let us move in with her. Happy Monday. xx jenny

anna malmberg anna malmberg anna malmberg anna malmberg anna malmberg anna malmberg anna malmberg

photos via anna malmberg, borrowed from sf girl by bay