style the bump: postpartum series

style the bump

It’s all about dressing for your lifestyle and right now mine is new-mom mode. While I covered my pregnancy style through a weekly Style The Bump series, I want to share my exploration through post-bump, postpartum life. There’s a lot of pregnancy style out there for inspiration, but what about after you have the babe? It can be another challenging time to look and feel your best, but worth paying attention to. Many of my clients struggle with what to wear. Remaining put together is a key objective, but functionality which includes comfort, being practical, and in my case nursing-friendly is a must. Most women also need to accommodate a changed shape. I still have about 7 pounds to go, and much of my wardrobe doesn’t fit which leaves me with fewer options. I don’t want an overflowing closet full of items that don’t work, and want to feel good without compromising my current needs. I also don’t want to spend tons of money on a size that won’t fit in 6 months from now. While going through the highs and lows of postpartum dressing, I’ve finally found my groove. So here’s a few tips I’ve picked up along the way to help you find yours. As usual, if you’re looking for hands-on-help from me, head to my services page for details!

style the bump


1. RE-WORK YOUR CLOSET! Before baby arrives, I recommend re-working your closet to prepare. This includes moving aside items that won’t fit for a few months, and pulling front and center the ones that do. It also includes pulling together nursing, spit-up, and overall newborn friendly clothing. A Closet Cleanse would be a good investment during this time. Head to my services page for details.

2. SHOP SMART: Since it takes most women up to a year to reach pre-pregnancy weight, I recommend shopping wisely in the interim. While I don’t think you should make hefty investments when your body is in flux, I do think you should sprinkle in newness. Joggers, dresses with stretch, and jumpsuits with undefined waists are a few examples of items that will work for now and later. Skip buying expensive jeans until you reach your goal weight. I also recommend shopping in stores like H&M, Zara and Mango where clothing is price sensitive.

3. A LIGHT HANDBAG: I bought my MZ Wallace handbag because it was lightweight, functional, and had a cool aesthetic. While I don’t carry around a handbag often since Vida was born, when I do it needs to hit all of those objectives. A heavy handbag is not going to fly right now. I also bought this style to use as a diaper bag.

4. STYLISH NURSING BRANDS: Brands like Loyal Hana make nursing friendly clothing that is super stylish and functional. Each Loyal Hana item is constructed with a hidden zipper that gives easy access to the boob. When you’re out and need to feed the babe, coverage is key. I lived in my marni jumpsuit this summer, and have been wearing my christy tee under everything this fall.

5. BUTTON-DOWNS: Since breastfeeding, I can’t wear items that pull over my head which makes button-downs a closet staple. They keep me feeling polished while giving Vida easy access to feed.

6. ACCESSORIES: Now is a time to consider adding a few more to the closet. Scarves, hats and statement jewelry can elevate and personalize a look. Plus, accessories are unaffected by your changing body shape. The faux fur one I wear here is from Zara.

7. OVERALLS & JUMPSUITS: Because most overalls and jumpsuits don’t have defined waists, they won’t hug your mid-section – the part of your body recovering most post birth. The extra room also gives this silhouette longevity with your fluctuating weight. I scooped up these overalls from Old Navy, and bought the black version as well (biggest steal ever btw). Vida hasn’t been the only one wearing a onesie on repeat. Add a sleek blazer or moto jacket to give the overall look a bit more edge.

8. SNEAKERS: Sneakers will be my best friend this season like the Vans I’m wearing here. And with so many cool styles available, I never feel like I’m compromising style. I need to be nimble and heels will be reserved for moments without Vida.

9. GET DRESSED! I know getting dressed becomes trickier with a newborn. You’re tired, you have no time, you’re in recovery mode and the focus is on the baby, not you. But it’s important to get dressed, feel good and empower yourself! Give it a few weeks and lay low in sweatpant-mode while at home, but once out and about, don’t let personal style fall to the wayside. Even if you’re still in sweats during re-entry, switch them out for joggers and pair them with a cute t-shirt and blazer like this look. Or trade out your workout leggings for a pair of leather ones like these this fall.

style the bump

style the bump

style the bump

style the bump

style the bump

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  1. Saskia  / 

    I love the black leather jacket you’re wearing. Where is it from?

  2. Sari  / 

    My favorite thing about this post is obviously the clothes, but the fact that your husband is wearing the baby is a very close second!!!!

  3. Sari  / 

    Uch, I need some sleep. That is very clearly your beautiful wife! Apologies. XO

  4. Hailey  / 

    Jenny, this is perfect! I love it. & I think I’m going to old navy’s website right now…