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We just returned home from a trip to LA and while the time change and travel may have knocked us all out a bit, Vida first flight was a success. Since we’d like to travel with her around the world, when she slept for 4.5 hours on the way out and 4 on the way home, it felt like we hit the jackpot. I’m well aware that it could have gone either way, and I’m sure things will change since consistency is fleeting with a little one. But for now, I’m grateful. We can’t be 100% sure why Vida took so well to it, but I’ve rounded up a bunch of our travel tips that I believe could have contributed. I’m hoping this checklist will come in handy for you too. Enjoy!

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Travel Tips with the Babe:

Morning Flight: Booking a morning flight worked out in our favor because it kept Vida a bit on the sleepy side. We bypassed her morning nap, which kept her ripe for sleeping on the plane.

Get to the Airport Early: You’ll need extra time to assemble/disassemble strollers, change diapers, feed the baby, and take care of yourself too. Leave ample time to get this done. I recommend heading to airport 3 hours ahead of time which is what we did. It kept us chill and stress-free which for us is worth it.

Change Diaper Before BoardingMake sure to get your babe changed in a fresh diaper at the gate before you board the plane. You never know how long you’ll be sitting on the plane before take-off.

Use Bathroom Before Take-Off: Once you’re on the plane, it will be difficult to manage the babe and use the bathroom. Make sure to use the toilet before boarding.

Check Stroller At Gate: We went back and forth about whether to check the stroller with the bags and keep Vida in a carrier, or hold onto the stroller until boarding. We chose the latter, and it worked out perfectly. There is lots of walking in an airport so the stroller not only held Vida, but also a bunch of our carry-on bags too. We kept the Ergo as well so we could continue being hands-free once we checked the stroller at the gate.

Disinfectant Wipes: As we all know, planes are dirty and breed many germs. Be sure to pack disinfectant wipes so you can clean off your armrest and tray table. 

Breastfeed During Take-Off/Landing: If you’re breastfeeding, it’s best to nurse the babe during take-off and landing. This keeps baby comfortable if his/her ears are popping from pressure. It also keeps baby soothed and sleepy.

Bring Hand Pump: If breastfeeding, it’s best to carry-on your hand pump since baby may sleep for longer than expected. This happened to us and I was happy to have it with me to discreetly pump in my seat. I use this one.

Book Window Seat: If breastfeeding, it’s best to book a window seat so you can nurse privately.

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Flye Baby: Flye Baby could be the best invention known to mankind. Vida totally slept in this for a large part of the flight and it gave us the opportunity to be hands-free. I didn’t watch a movie but totally could have!

Scarf for Mama & Cub: Wearing an oversized scarf will not only keep you warm, but doubles as a blanket for baby too. I wore this one.

Change of Clothes: As we all know, babies spit-up and poop on themselves all the time. That said, it’s best to not only pack a change of clothes for them, but for you too!

Pack Snacks: I always have extra snacks on hand, but since breastfeeding (and ALWAYS hungry) I was even more mindful about packing them. I was equipped with food to last me throughout the flight without having to purchase a thing.

Socks/Booties: Make sure to bring booties for your babe, even if it’s warm outside. Planes tend to get cold and their little feet should be covered.

Pack Toys/Rattles: Be sure to bring a few toys/rattles on board. When Vida was up for the short time she was, it gave her some entertainment. Our favorite is the Nogginstik.

Download iPhone Games: If baby falls asleep in your arms and you have one hand free, it’s beneficial to have iPhone games that don’t need wifi.

Manage Expectations: When going on vacation, expect normal routines to change. For us, the plane ride was easy, but baby girl still had to adjust to a different time zone once in LA. Be prepared for anything!

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