weekly finds: what to pack?

jenny greenstein

Heading somewhere warm this holiday season? I am! This postpartum body is traveling to Turks and Caicos on Saturday, and while I’m super duper excited (and grateful) to hit the sea, sand and sun, I also need to figure out how to pack stylish and functional pieces that hit my current mom objectives: new shape, breastfeeding-friendly and comfortable. That said, I’ve perused my closet and the interweb and have come up with a few selections that work for me. And maybe you too!

SHOP IT: 1. sensi studio // 2. mara hoffman sarong // 3. loup charmont dress // 4. sensi studio beach bag // 5. birkenstocks // 6. hm jumpsuit  // 7. melissa obadash kaftan // 8. mara hoffman dress

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