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jenny greenstein

No matter what stage of life you’re in, we all have our go-to ensembles that make up our personal style. For some, it’s jeans and a t-shirt, others dresses and tights or it could be a signature piece like a leather moto jacket. A daily ‘look’ is part of us, and communicates our individuality. That said, lately I got to thinking about my current ‘look’ because it is always slightly shifting dependent upon life circumstances. And since right now I’m in new-mom mode, it’s a “need to be easy – but still want to feel fashionable – yet must be functional” kind of phase.

Overalls (as seen in my instagram feed) continue to live-on as my go-to uniform because they are super comfortable, stylish, durable, can be dressed up (or down), nursing friendly, are waistline forgiving, and a complete outfit in one which is a no-brainer. I’ve stocked my closet with a few options in black, blue and white denim because they are on constant rotation. Other items that are working in my current new-mom role are a hat (because time spent on hair has been generously reduced since having Vida), comfortable shoes, a chic backpack to throw in tons of yours and baby crap, a scarf to cover yourself when nursing and a cozy sweater. Like I tell my pre/postnatal clients, don’t throw in your (style) towel and give-up because life has changed. If anything, mama-hood is a time to feel your most beautiful because all those good vibes are being absorbed by another life. I recognize the need for ease during this transition, but make sure your uniform empowers you! You just created a human – you basically have superpowers and can do anything. If you are struggling to find your wings, reach out and connect with me at so I can help you find them.

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