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Jenny Greenstein

If ya’ll followed along when I was pregnant, you would have found me frequently discussing prenatal shopping strategies and how to make cost-effective investments. One of my key tips is/was buying dresses that flex with a changing shape and fit during pregnancy and beyond. Here I am putting my own advice into practice, wearing a style I wore beginning at 6 months pregnant (shown here and in the video attached here!), and now wearing it styled as a skirt 6 months postpartum. I wore a ton of non-maternity clothes during my pregnancy, but I kept in mind styles that would go the distance. Getting creative with your wardrobe is critical and creating a capsule collection to get you through this journey (which goes well past birth) is the ultimate goal. This involves careful curation and setting yourself up for success. While I realize from personal experience and from working with my prenatal clients that much of your closet won’t fit for some time (like your jeans), there are many that will. If you are looking for some support in making this all happen, check out my prenatal package, and reach out at so I can help you get there.

Jenny Greenstein Jenny Greenstein Jenny Greenstein Jenny Greenstein Jenny Greenstein

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  1. Jess @UsedYorkCity  / 

    Absolutely love this look! I’m 10 weeks post, and still trying to figure out that happy place between maternity wear and my pre-baby wardrobe!