feature: closet cleanse

jenny greenstein

Hi there! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted, but I chalk it up to a few very busy weeks which in my opinion is a good problem to have. No complaints here. April and May were FULL of Shopping Trips and Closet Cleanses and June is turning out to be another busy month of prepping! Spring is in full bloom from coast to coast, and all my clients are getting their wardrobe ready for the new season(s). With that said, one of my clients, founder of the female centric, lifestyle website Betches did a write-up on her Closet Cleanse experience, working through her wardrobe in its entirity with me by her side. While a big focus of mine has been on the pre/post natal  period, my client is a twenty-something young entrepreneur on the rise who equally wants to get her personal style situated while moving into her next life phase. While she isn’t transitioning in or out of motherhood, we are constantly evolving at every stage. Taking a deep dive to ensure our inner and outer self is aligned is a critical checkpoint for growth. Head over to Betches for the full piece.

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