feature: the cnnekt

jenny greensteinLife is all about connecting, and in the case of new website, The Cnnekt, it’s all about connecting a community of women to provide a platform for inspiration, relationship building and relatabilty. Honored to have been chosen as their recent spotlight feature, here’s an excerpt below from my interview when asked about distinguishing Your Soul Style and getting my message across of style from the inside out, and more about transitioning out of corporate america, pursuing a career while maintaining marriage and motherhood, and key advice I give my clients coupled with the best advice I’ve ever received. Check out the full interview over here.

There is fashion and then there is style, and to me there is a distinction. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate beautiful clothes, and the art behind high fashion, but style is the true essence of who we are at our core, without being defined by the masses. So when women work with me, we tap into that first and foremost. Together we take a deep dive into the self to ensure it is coming through and both inner and outer are aligned. Life is full of transitions, and we are constantly evolving on a physical, emotional and mental level.

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