weekly finds: spring transition

Before Vida came into my life, there was a Weekly Finds post in this space, offering ideas on what to wear for either a specific season, color story, or item, etc. While I’m not sure if this theme can remain a weekly thing, I will definitely offer some ideas more consistently.

That said, it’s officially Spring, and while the weather here in NYC is still cold (and today rainy!), warmer days are in our future, hopefully sooner than later. Women typically find these transitions hard to get dressed in because we are challenged by things like layers, colors, and wondering when it’s appropriate to trade out winter-wear items like boots and sweaters. But it’s not all so cut and dry. There’s a lot of mixing of items to create a blend of seasonal appropriateness. Here’s an example (with shopping links) on how to wear this typically warm-weather style Mes Demoiselles dress in the cooler transitional days and later when things heat up…

for now….

jenny greenstein

SHOP IT: 1. Mes Demoiselles Dress, $165 // 2. Illesteva Sunnies, $177 // 3. Janessa Leone Hat, $205 // 4. Dannijo Choker, $245 // 5. Madewell Moto Jacket, $498 6. Bite Beauty, Cayenne Bright Red, $26 // 7. Cuyana Small Carryall Tote, $185 // 8. Toga Pulla Cowboy Boots, $498

and for later…

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SHOP IT: 1. Mes Demoiselles Dress, $165 // 2. Lack of Color Wide Brim Fedora, $75 // 3. Ray Ban Aviators, $150 // 4. Love Quotes Linen Scarf, $80 // // 5. GAS Bijoux Earrings, $275 // 6. Muzungu Sisters woven crossbody, $118 // 7. Loeffler Randall sandals, $195

WRNY: 3rd trimester styling

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I’ve been writing for Well Rounded for quite some time, but recently came on board as their Fashion Editor! That said, I’ll be showing up around those neck of the woods more often, and offering even more styling tips for all you mamas and mama’s to be. I’ll co-run the posts here and link to them so in case you missed it over there, you can catch it here. Last week, I covered 3rd trimester styling tips which I know can be a challenge. Head on over here to check out.

functional fashion

jenny greenstein

It’s simply not enough to be fashionable anymore, being functional is essential too. And while most of us wake up with a mission to look good, we have the day (and life!) to contend to, and our clothes need to fit into that. Part of the Your Soul Style process is taking the time to understand the intricacies of my clients personality, but also their day to day lifestyle to best organize a closet, and wardrobe in a way that makes sense. Getting dressed shouldn’t be stressful, or a chore, or something you wake up dreading daily. Getting dressed should help you enter the day strong, feeling empowered for what’s to come and demonstrates who you are from the inside out. What you wear should also be comfortable in both a stylistic way, and literally too.

How would you answer the following questions when it comes to evaluating your wardrobe:

  • When is the last time I wore this?
  • How do I feel when I wear this?
  • Does this item really convey my personal style?
  • Does this item make me feel happy, empowered, strong, confident?
  • Does this item really fit anymore or am I saving it for when I lose/gain weight?
  • What motivated me to buy this? Was it a trend? Did I see it on my friend? A mannequin in a boutique? A celebrity?

These are only some of the questions discussed when performing a Closet Detox with my clients. We evaluate every single item, detoxing it all down to ensure what’s left is authentically representative of you, while providing innovative ways to style what’s left, and offering a seasonal shopping list to start building from the ground up which we can go out and obtain together.

Whether you’re a working woman (or mama) on the go, a stay at home mom, or wearing business clothes on the job, but then want to head to a date night after hours feeling super sexy, we can make it happen. You deserve it!

Spring is just 3 days away, and I can’t wait to get to know you, help you detox, cleanse and reboot for the season (and life) ahead.

More details on specific services offered, and how to contact me, here.

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