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weekly finds: home improvements

Now that we have decided to stay put in our current space like discussed here, small updates are in order for a refresh. Once the light construction work was complete, we began to tweak the decor. In this Weekly Finds post, here’s a glimpse of our newly purchased objects (except for the leather chair and painting which… click to read more

virtual dream home

So it seems that Dina and I are never going to find an apartment. While we have been looking since late Summer, we’ve only found a handful of spaces that really work for us. Inventory in our desired locations is super sparse at the moment, and while I want to be open to exploring new neighborhoods,… click to read more

home style

We spent much time at home this weekend, engaging in really mellow days, taking it easy and just resting. We cooked warm meals, juiced, watched a few films, and I did one of my first DIY projects ever, making homemade whipped body body butter which came out awesome! I am definitely a homebody at heart, and while I enjoy being… click to read more

home base

And so the search for a new apartment has begun, and while I was very excited about this prospective move (and decorating a new space) when in conversation phase, the reality is scarier then I thought – especially since we’re exploring areas outside of Manhattan. Although Brooklyn isn’t far, we hadn’t really planned to leave our beloved island – ever!  We’ve… click to read more