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style the bump: 37 weeks

When I first became pregnant, I had no intentions of publishing weekly Style The Bump posts, but about 6 months into the journey I realized while facing my own prenatal style challenges that others were likely going through a similar struggle. As I started to consider my changing shape, comfort, and not wanting to break the bank, I discovered styling strategies and techniques that I knew other… click to read more

style the bump: 35 weeks

I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with some epic maternity brands throughout my pregnancy, and in this week’s Style The Bump: 35 Week post, I bring you one of my newest faves: Mitera, “a fashion brand with a core mission to make mothers feel beautiful, confident and empowered. [The company] Mitera creates contemporary, smart and versatile clothing that provides style… click to read more

style the bump: 34 weeks

Today begins my 34th week of pregnancy, and while slowing down is inevitable as my body continues to feel the affects (including swollen ankles, achy feet, an extra 30 lbs. and counting, constant trips to the bathroom and compromised sleep), I stay committed to keeping personal style on point. Like I tell my clients, there are strategies for maintaining fashion and… click to read more