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spotlight: tribe alive (pt.1)

With no shortage of social, political and environmental issues plaguing the world today, Your Soul Style’s mission is to highlight individuals and brands who are working towards making a difference.  With that being said, when my dear friend Carly Burson told me about the decision to launch Tribe Alive with partner Ashley Faircloth, “a socially conscious lifestyle brand utilizing its passion… click to read more

sustainable style

For the past few years, especially since launching Your Soul Style, part of my styling mission was (and is) to raise awareness about a brands comittment to social responsibility. I believe that style investments should go deeper than a cool, new look. I left my corporate career to start a business that provides fashion with purpose. Whether it’s about aligning… click to read more

spotlight: maya traditions

I’m super excited about today’s spotlight feature on Maya Traditions for three reasons: the first being that I am bringing awareness to an organization whose focus is on the empowerment of women, tradition, and sustainability, the second because the handmade items they create are absolutely beautiful (and I want one of everything), and the third because now is your chance to get involved, help… click to read more

weekly finds: inspiring women

For this Weekly Finds post, I’ve pulled together a list of women who have been super inspiring to me. Like a sponge, I have been absorbing all of their beautiful energy, and I wanted to introduce you to who these incredible creatures are. I’ve met most of these women after launching Your Soul Style which has opened countless doors and… click to read more