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photoshoot - 7The past few weeks I’ve spent most of my time styling for Mix Apparel, the Australian based company I consult for.  While on set yesterday, I remembered how grateful I am for my job.  It’s almost a year since leaving corporate America and although I’ve had moments of doubt and uncertainty, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to make the change.  Because I get to collaborate on such diverse projects, I learn something new and am challenged on the reg.  I have also met some of the loveliest, most creative and inspiring people I’ve ever known.  I’m reminded when I scroll through my inbox how most of these relationships didn’t exist just one year ago.  It’s mind-blowing what can happen when you switch paths.  My world has opened up to a whole new level and the growth is immeasurable both professionally and personally.  Even on days when I am scared and wavering (which can happen from time to time), I know I’m doing what I love, what I choose – stretching myself and expanding so that I can land exactly where I want to be.  Early on I would cry to Dina, saying how alone I felt, how I didn’t know if I was strong enough to continue and question if I had what it took to be successful.  I was looking for validation and wanted reassurance that it was the right decision.  In time I realized no one can do that for me – it needed to come from within.  None of it mattered until I believed in myself.  And that took me time to find too.  I wouldn’t trade those difficult moments out for anything.  They have proven worth fighting through.  It’s not simple choosing an unpredictable path, but if you have a passion for something different, embrace your inner courage and do it.  Grab every ounce of strength and decide to take control of your destiny.  There are times of discomfort and it won’t be easy, but the reward is living your fullest, most nourishing and best life.  You only have one – make it what you want it be.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our kids shoot from yesterday at Industria Studios.  Candy, Amy and Mark, in some of the photos below,  are just a few of those amazing new additions to my life.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend filled with tons of soul and lots of style!  xx jenny

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work: sunset shoot

CF095698My favorite time of day to take photos is the magic hour – the short-lived window when the sun sets and light becomes soft, making your soul appear as if it’s glowing.  We took photos at this hour during our wedding weekend, and they evoke everything I felt that day – intense, on fire and like I was floating.  I styled a shoot with photographer Candy Kennedy back in early fall, with the focus on capturing the sun as it set on the hudson river.  We had to move fast to ensure we snapped at just the right moment – I literally had the models change outside along the west side highway. Things need to be precise when you are chasing the light.  But Candy got it – and the photos speak for themselves.

Have a magical weekend!  xx jenny

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mad for plaid

IMG_8206My obsession with plaid scarves (scarves in general, really) is an ever growing phenomenon which likely started in my early teens.  As a gal who doesn’t wear much color or print, this is a pattern that has always won my heart.  It brings to light different sides of my style personality – sometimes preppy, other days british punk, more often boho, and on occasion urban hipster.  Accessories have a tremendous amount of styling power and small tweaks could completely change your overall look.  This Zara scarf, which can be styled in a myriad of ways, is available online, but I recommend scooping it up quick due to its popularity (it was recently just sold out).  If you don’t fancy this one, much more awesomeness here.

SHOP THIS LOOK:  sweater: Zara // pants: Zara (similar) // moto jacket: Sfera (similar) // booties: Zara // scarf: Zara // bag: Chloe // sunnies: See


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photos via candy kennedy

holiday: mix australia

Mix_Nov_Page_1As we prepare for a white Christmas here in New York, Australia is heading into their summer season. Santa is more likely to enter via surfboard rather than a sleigh. During the recent holiday Mix shoot I styled with photographer Candy Kennedy, featuring Ashley Hart and Dan MacPherson, it was all breezy dresses, shorts, tees, tanks and swim. No cozy sweaters here! Think cherries (a holiday favorite for Australians) instead of eggnog. We shot in early September at NYC’s Central Park. A beautiful day, filled with beautiful people! Best. Team. Ever. I am beyond lucky to work with such an inspiring bunch. Have a peek. And a great weekend too!

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work babes


As the brand stylist for the Joe Fresh owned Australian company Mix, I get to work with these little rugrats on a monthly basis.  Shot by Candy Kennedy, here’s a peek at one of our first shoots together.  In a few weeks I’ll share photos of the most recent (and a behind the scenes video), featuring the brands beautiful spokesperson, Ashley Hart with Daniel MacPherson.  Love those two – major babes.

Have a great weekend everyone!  xx jenny

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