be you, be true

brighton the dayLast week the Huffington Post published an article titled “23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing”, written by Emma Gray.  After reading it through I realized that like most women, I too am guilty of some of the behaviors listed.  Whether it be comparing ourselves to others, putting our looks under a microscope or not accepting our own success, I wonder why we do this and furthermore, what are the steps towards changing it?  I’m a firm believer of living with a raised awareness since its been proven from personal experience that embracing truths helps you grow, evolve and become the person you ultimately want to be.  Not always the most fun or comfortable process, but yields results.  Let’s call it growing pains.  Who we are and what our life looks like is not fixed, nor prescribed to us.  We as women must take control and become active participants in our journey.  It takes work and focus so don’t get stuck in the cliche’s and accept them.  I’m right there with you – working hard every day and learning how to embrace my authentic self.  We need to be proud of who we are, seize our soul style and find the confidence to own it!   Have a beautiful and wonderful weekend! xx jenny

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photo via brighton the day