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jenny greenstein

It’s no secret that I have enjoyed documenting my journey throughout this pregnancy. Be it through Style The Bump weekly posts, at-home photos to note belly progress or moments I’ve shared on instagram, I have in my possession once-in-a-lifetime content which has covered this experience. I knew early on that I wanted this for a few reasons: to share with my daughter and show her how she came to be in this world, to communicate and teach style tips along the way using myself as an example, and to embrace my femininity and the empowering road to motherhood. Pregnancy was a carefully constructed decision for Dina and I and once we conceived I knew I wanted to preserve as much as I could. That said, when Lori Berkowitz, NYC-based photographer reached out and asked to collaborate on a Bumps and Babes x YSS project, I was excited, open and eager to learn more. Slightly hesitant about stripping down for an intimate series of photos, I started to examine how I felt within my changing shape and came to the conclusion that I am more confident and empowered now than I’ve ever been. Extra weight and all. There is something about being pregnant that has helped me to embrace the naturalness of the human body and how beautiful it is. Especially while creating life. Is there anything more empowering than that? I have never felt stronger, more connected and rooted in my physical form. If there was ever a time to capture a moment, that moment is now.

So I agreed, and Lori and I had a photo session and simultaneously created the below video where I described what this experience has been like for me. It’s a whole new visual perspective of myself. And one that I will never be able to re-do. This babe and I are joined together for a limited time only, and while 9 months seems like a long stretch, this moment has moved fast. I am so grateful to have documented this journey and I will cherish these photos for the rest of my life.

jenny greenstein

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With all this said, Lori officially launches Bumps and Babes TODAY!  You can choose from her “Bump Love Package” which includes 6 private photo sessions of either your bump or babe (or both!), with 6 custom albums, prints, an online gallery and more! Or choose an individual session. Lori was an absolute joy to work with, and while her level of professionalism was on point, her soft and inviting nature kept me at ease in front of the lens. Be sure to head over to her site to check out the details and book your appointment now! As an add-on to the Bumps and Babes maternity session, my styling services are available as well. This is not included in the package, but contact me directly at jenny@yoursoulstyle.com for pricing details. I can be there to help you plan, get ready and ensure you not only look and feel you best, but show up as your full and authentic self. I can’t think of a better opportunity to be ‘naked’.

jenny greenstein

 photos via lori berkowitz

spotlight: beyonce and h&m


Last week H&M released a new swimwear collection featuring the one and only, iconic Beyonce Knowles (aka Mrs. Carter).  The summer campaign features Beyonce in a few key pieces for the season and according to her are representative of, “the four elements – fire, water, earth and wind”.  In the press release made in March – H&M stated Beyonce is an ideal spokesperson for the campaign, demonstrating “the idea that all women can be all things: strong, vulnerable, sensual, maternal, fun, flirtatious.”  I couldn’t be more thrilled with H&M’s choice to feature Beyonce as a brand ambassador.  As a woman who emphasizes the importance of female empowerment through music, H&M will help send her powerful and vital message globally.  I’ll leave you with these lyrics from one of her songs….and a few beautiful shots from the campaign.  All swimwear available in stores now!  xx – #yoursoulstyle

Run the World (Girls):

Who are we? What we run? The world (who run this motha, yeah)
Who are we? What we run? The world (who run this motha, yeah)
Who are we? What do we run? We run the world! (who run this motha, yeah)
Who are we? What we run? We run the world
Who run the world? Girls

o-BEYONCE-HM-BIKINI-570-1 042513-Beyonce-HM-600 Beyonce-HM-04 Beyonce Beyonce modeling H&M bikinis o-BEYONCE-HM-BIKINI-570

photo credit: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

read: fashion and feminism

720a756e8015537de8a4fc1c83721881 photo via here

The fuel behind ‘your soul style’ is to send the message that you can achieve empowerment through style .  I have been on a relentless journey of self discovery and part of my learning (and growth) is that that self expression and empowerment are one in the same.  I want to continuously share this perspective with you so that if you haven’t fully embraced ‘your soul style’ yet – let me help you get there.  It is so important that women keep pushing forward because although we have made extensive progress – it ain’t over.  As part of this project I will be periodically sharing articles that are aligned with this mission.  This write-up by Leah Bourne at forbes discusses the double edge sword women have had to deal with while navigating through ‘gender politics’.  Click here for full article.   – xx #yoursoulstyle