furry fashion

7fc7dcf855712b2df9033ccc1a9fb596 7313c3225f48eb6404e8daf77192a2eb 11d0a6aeb430bc8d036cfed8ee9f4b66 41261cf260e861b92ce9a7f81c151b58 fd4f57c2685141f9733b5f7bd2a6e2a7I just perused my own pinterest and recognized that fur (or faux fur) is thematic on my style boards.  I thus took a visit into my closet and got reacquainted with a fur vest I’ve had for a gazillion years.  I’m thrilled that it’s stood the test of time and lasted this long, especially since I bought in a liquidation store for $50.  Season after season I find new ways of styling this piece – last years version looking like this and this.  Certainly kept me warm and toasty on those frigid NYC days.  Wonder what I’ll do this time around?  Here’s a few edits, if you too are looking for a furry fashion friend this winter.

furry fashion friend1. Topshop, $130, topshop.com // 2. H&M, $39.95, hm.com // 3. H&M, $29.95, hm.com // 4. Topshop, $178, topshop.com

images via laetitia et son dressing, they all hate us, bazaar