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Last year while preparing to become a family of three, we started the hunt for a bigger apartment a la the multiple posts on decor ideas, and inspiring spaces here, here, here and here. I had a whole vision in my mind of what our next home would look like and was pinterest’ing away in prepration. That said, it never wound up happening. We put the whole thing on hold when I reached month 6 of pregnancy, simultaneously becoming defeated about the relationship of cost vs. space you get in return. We both agreed to stay in our small apartment, focus on new baby and revisit our living situation down the road.

Now that we are ‘down the road’ (Vida is 9 months on April 19th), we did away with the idea of moving all together. Yes, our apartment is small and many/most of you probably wouldn’t be able to live with a baby in such tight quarters. But for us, it totally works which changed the trajectory of our plans in their entirity. Instead of upgrading here in NYC, we are keeping our apartment and bought a house upstate to retreat to on the weekends. A place we can spread out, entertain friends, have outdoor space and relax in. We figure we can store the majority of our crap there, and live simple and minimal down here. When we began discussing this as a potential plan, I wasn’t sure we could make it all happen. But I stay true to the words I preach and we are crafting our reality in a way which fits our lifestyle. It’s not for everyone, but it satiates and nourishes our needs. It gives us the opportunity to have (and give Vida) the best of both worlds, a country and city life, which in the end, for us, trumped a bigger primary home. If you follow along on instagram, you saw that we closed on a house in February, and have been settling in since. It was a complete ‘pinch me’ moment, and I’ve been thanking my lucky stars and feeling grateful ever since. I’ve posted a few snaps here and there on my page (and will continue to do so), but as things unfold, I decided to document the progress here too. If nothing else, a diary for me to look back on and inspiration to share with all of you too.

jenny greenstein

So now that we are onto the decorating, my hours of pinning have been put to use. Above is a current vision board I created for our living room (to fill the empty space shown in top photo). Our den, which was the first room we tackled is shades of grey, pink and white so I am aiming for this room to tie back in order to create cohesiveness. Dina requested we use more saturated tones here, so while the color story is similar with pink’ish hues running through both spaces, the color will be less muted. We haven’t pulled the trigger on any of the above pieces, but this is my starting point.

We are taking our time to carefully make choices for each room, and it will likely take years to complete the entire house. But as we go, I’ll keep you posted on the updates and progress!

SHOP THE ROOM: 1. velvet sofa // 2. peace velvet pillow // 3. eskayel pillow // 4. area rug // 5. gold moroccan pouf  // 6. leather chair // 7. bird of paradise plant (local nursery) // 8. dining table // 9. cowhide chair (ours is old, but this is a similar piece)

virtual dream home

marble island

So it seems that Dina and I are never going to find an apartment. While we have been looking since late Summer, we’ve only found a handful of spaces that really work for us. Inventory in our desired locations is super sparse at the moment, and while I want to be open to exploring new neighborhoods, location is super important. Two weeks ago we put in a bid on an amazing and ideal space, and unfortunately someone came in with a better offer. The reality of the current market is that apartments are going for way over asking and even if you think your offer is strong (like we did), someone else may have an even more competitive one. I’d like to believe when the time is right this will all come together, so alas the hunt continues. If anyone has the unlock, I’ll trade you styling guidance for real estate advice! All tips welcome! Fortunately we are not in a rush and have some time on our side. In the meantime, I’ll continue to create my virtual dream home on pinterest. Some inspiration to take you into the week. Hope it’s a good one!

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We spent much time at home this weekend, engaging in really mellow days, taking it easy and just resting. We cooked warm meals, juiced, watched a few films, and I did one of my first DIY projects ever, making homemade whipped body body butter which came out awesome! I am definitely a homebody at heart, and while I enjoy being out and exploring the city, I equally enjoy cozying up too. It felt really good. Naturally, when I spend extended time around the house, I think about our next space, and the environment we’re going to create. I think about details like lot’s of light, high ceilings, an airy space and personal touches such as chevron, bleached wood floors. I did some pinning over the weekend, and continued building my home inspiration board and although these spaces are likely much larger then what we will ever have here in NYC, there is always an opportunity to pull ideas and interpret them in your own way which I certainly plan on doing. Can’t wait! Have you started your vision board(s) yet? Start manifesting your dreams so you can make them a reality! Happy Monday! xx

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livin’ the dream


No matter how big or small your home is, it’s essential to create a space you love, are proud of and feel inspired by.  We plan on living in New York City forever, so apartment dwelling in small spaces is the inevitable. Unless of course one of us wins the mega millions, in which case we will buy a townhouse in the west village.  Until then, I plan on making any size home my dream home.  Bigger is not always better, and more isn’t always “more”.  Our apartment is my favorite place on earth because it’s filled with treasures we’ve collected from our travels around the world, full of photos with people that make our lives rich and encompasses moments and experiences that makes us, us.  These are reasons why it is my dream home.  I’ve recently been thinking about our next space and how I’d like to design it.  Perhaps boho meets modern meets beachy meets nature.  There has gotta be a balance in there somewhere, right?  In the meantime, I’ll keep pinteresting photos like these which will inspire me when the time comes to create anew!  These homeowners nailed it, for sure. More after the jump…



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6aa1845b90789fc498370e456884492cDina and I started the semi-serious conversation about moving because although we love our apartment, we simply need more space.  I avoid this chat like the plague because despite the excitement of a new home, it’s stressful and nerve-racking at the same time.  New York City is a tough market to find a dream situation and one way or another, you are compromising somewhere (unless you’re SJP & Matthew Broderick).  Whether it be natural light, a doorman, neighborhood, closet size or layout – you are not going to find everything you want in one place.  It’s the nature of the beast.  That being said, the decorating is all yours!  My ever-growing home pinterest board is full of inspiring spaces and I can’t wait to implement some of these amazing ideas!  Along with the ones mentioned here and here.  Happy weekend!  Hope you stay cozy in your home!

And happy love day to you and yours!  xx jenny


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