what’s your magic?


There aren’t many experiences in life that bring you real magic.  The kind that makes your heart explode and mind expand in unimaginable ways, allowing emotions to run pure, wild and free.  Euphoria.  This week my best friend brought new life into the world when she gave birth to her sweet son, Jonah Mason.  That was magic.  Walking down the aisle into my wife’s arms to vow our life together in front of everyone that mattered to us.  That was magic too.  And then there was India.  Yesterday after reading A House in the Hills where the feature was on a trip to Cinque Terre, Italy – I began to take (as Sarah put it), “a stroll down travel memory lane” too.  India is an assault on your senses – both good and bad.  It rocks your world without asking, propelling you towards a spiritual journey that brings a 360 degree perspective to your own life.  It takes you so far outside your comfort zone,  there is no choice left but to dive inward and explore the thoughts, questions and obstacles that cross your mind.  An inner challenge between everything you thought you knew, but didn’t.  You become acutely aware of the smallness of your existence and come to understand the grandness of the world.  Time has stood still in India.  Traditions that have been diluted in other countries continue steady and strong.  Culture is woven into all aspects of living.  From dress to food to lifestyle – it remains a rich country, with deep sustaining roots.  Out of all places I’ve been in my life – India has left a permanent mark and changed me forever.  There was me before I went.  And there is me now.  Here’s a peek into some of our photos from the trip.

I hope you too find a little magic this weekend.  xx jenny

* I dedicate this post to my best friend Mika and her husband Ryan who experienced real magic this week.  Welcome to the world, baby Jonah!















spotlight: india


Amongst all of the places I’ve been there is none like India.  My wife and I were fortunate enough to make it to this awe-inspiring country and spend time in the north back in November.  We visited Mumbai, Jaipur, Udaipur, Shahpura, Agra, Bangalore and observed villages in between while driving from city to city.  When I think of soul style my heart goes here – in fact this blog was started immediately after our return.  This project had been a long time coming but I attribute India as the inspiration behind pulling the trigger.  The women evoke beauty that is hard to find here in the states – culture and tradition run deep.  The majority wear sarees but between color, pattern, print, styling and difference in how they drape, hold or move with them – each is unique in its representation.  Despite being a third world country and one-third of the population living below the poverty line – these women are proud of who they are and shame is non-existent.  The assumption may be a sense of defeat due to ongoing violence, but they prevail with resilience that can only be achieved in a country like India. They maintain a sacredness and commitment to their heritage and are empowered by it.  The absence of consumerism and capitalism lend to this authentic and rich life – the focus remains on family, spirituality, tradition, culture and love which rise above all else.  Women are unattached to superficiality and live pure – a true demonstration of soul style.  If you haven’t been to India, it’s a trip that will change your life – I recommend you go.  My soul style hasn’t been the same since.  All the photos in this post are taken from our journey.  I hope you enjoy.  xx #yoursoulstyle






heart of india….

Ok…..so blog officially is working. I think? I’m a virgin blogger so this is my first go at this….so the first few posts may be spotty. But bear with me…I’m a quick learner and my wife is a tech genius (thank god)!  I share this photo with you because I just came back from India and although I’d love to say I shot this photo (photography class to come in 2013), I didn’t…..and it is just TOO beautiful not to share.  The color, the light, the focused hands and the shape they are making…a heart.  This country needs a little bit more heart right now so this is my way of putting mine into the world today.