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So it seems that Dina and I are never going to find an apartment. While we have been looking since late Summer, we’ve only found a handful of spaces that really work for us. Inventory in our desired locations is super sparse at the moment, and while I want to be open to exploring new neighborhoods, location is super important. Two weeks ago we put in a bid on an amazing and ideal space, and unfortunately someone came in with a better offer. The reality of the current market is that apartments are going for way over asking and even if you think your offer is strong (like we did), someone else may have an even more competitive one. I’d like to believe when the time is right this will all come together, so alas the hunt continues. If anyone has the unlock, I’ll trade you styling guidance for real estate advice! All tips welcome! Fortunately we are not in a rush and have some time on our side. In the meantime, I’ll continue to create my virtual dream home on pinterest. Some inspiration to take you into the week. Hope it’s a good one!

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7559a59d4fd8a8f842eacde9695e96afThis week pinterest was chock full of inspiration for my future home (and fantasy vacation home!).  Dina and I live in a NYC apartment that we adore, but it’s getting tight and soon we’ll need to find something bigger.  We are fortunate though since our space is strategically designed, utilizing every square inch (our fridge/freezer are drawers!).  The previous owners were an architect and interior designer.  We got very lucky.  As much as we’d like to stay, the time is coming that we’ll need to pack up and out.  I love our current decor, but it’s exciting to plan how we’ll style the next space!  I always think each new apartment will change from a design perspective but up until this point, consistency prevails.  Creature of habit, I suppose.  For our next move we’ve discussed mid-century modern, complimented with natural elements such as distressed wood and greenery.  And a little boho, of course!  Pinterest is an excellent resource for collecting ideas to create your vision board.  I recommend taking time to explore it.  Whether it be for home decor, fashion, wedding design, recipes, etc., images are contained to one space for reference.  I recently referred my client to the site so he could visually articulate the menswear styling that inspired him.  He’s now a converted pinner!  Here’s a few rooms I’ve found to help bring our vision to life and you can follow me here for much more!

Have a great weekend!  xx jenny

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