liz’s legacy

kesler tran

Style from the inside out is the name of the game so using this platform for charitable opportunities is another huge initiative for Your Soul Style.  That being said, I came to learn about Liz’s Legacy, “a charitable program that supports cancer research, education and patient care” through my dear friend Kalen Karnes-Strickland, whose mother is Liz Karnes.  Alongside her father, three sisters and the help of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Liz’s Legacy was founded after Liz passed away from ovarian cancer in 2003.  The mission of the organization is to “continue Liz Karnes’ fight against cancer by supporting cutting-edge medical research and extraordinary care at one of the country’s premier cancer centers.”  Throughout Liz’s 12-year fight with cancer, she was dedicated to helping others who were also struggling with the disease, and inspired them by setting an example to keep on living through her strength and positive attitude.  Though Liz has passed, her legacy is carried on through this foundation.  100% of the donations (which is more then 1.6 million!) has been used to support life-saving research for breast, ovarian, childhood and other types of cancer research.

Kalen came to me last year when the family was holding their annual Liz’s Legacy fundraiser in Chicago to see if I could donate to the silent auction.  Pleased to be a part of the project, I donated a very lightly worn Cole Haan handbag, alongside other contributions like Cubs ticket and a Chanel clutch.  Be it from people’s personal collections, companies they work for, or someone they know, everyone came together with an assortment of amazing things, making the day a huge success!

On August 16th, Liz’s Legacy will be holding their 10th annual event, which will include a silent auction, and I will be donating again.  If you would like to donate and help raise money for this amazing cause, this is an opportunity for you to participate.  We all have pieces in our homes and closets that are either new, lightly used, are collecting dust and can be used for something good!  Or perhaps you work with a designer or brand that has something to give as well.  Let’s all pitch in and make it happen.  I’ll be collecting items directly over the next two weeks so please send all e-mails to with your information and what you are handing off.  If you don’t have anything for the auction, and you’d still like to make a monetary donation, please go directly to the website for information.  You can also contribute to Liz’s Legacy by sharing this post via e-mail, Facebook or other social media platforms to help me bring awareness to this wonderful initiative.

Liz Karnes said herself that, “Every day is a chance to make life a little bit better”.  I’m proud to pay her message forward and keep her spirit (and legacy) alive.  Join me.

xx jenny

photo via kesler tran